Review of the Republican Race so farce, I mean so far…

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It is amazing in this day and age that we see such dinosaurs running for office. By the way, all these comments are that, comments. They are how I see it on the candidates actions and in no way is to be construed as inflammatory. If they get upset that is their own damned fault for acting the way that they do. The reason I call them dinos is because they seem to think that all of America is as narrow minded and as rich as they are. When you have 10,000 dollar bets going on how in the hell can they have a clue what real people have to deal with day in and day out. So many people with silver spoons seem to think this way and it is just not right or true.

People of this nation are suffering and I feel because of what they are doing. When they preach, yes I said preach, that women don’t have the right to govern their own body and that people that don’t have jobs are slackers when it is no fault of their own then something is seriously wrong. Candidates should be talking about how they are going to get people back to work and not how the next war is to be won. They should be looking at ways to make sure that people have the basic services that they need like health services, fire protection and police safety. When towns are cutting the budgets of those that are supposed to protect and hospitals are shutting down because of waste and fraud and non support there is a big problem with the country and the people running it. I don’t mean the President as his biggest power is that of a veto. Sure he has other powers but that is the most dangerous one to Congress, The House of Representatives and the Senate. It is the House that is the biggest problem and the candidates seem to think that if they are in office they will be able to “make” Congress fall in line. Right….

Then there is what some of these candidates want to do, some want to kill off agencies that are designed to protect us. Lets look at some of those. Rick Perry said he wanted to get rid of Commerce and Education. Ron Paul wants to get rid of the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and would eliminate five Cabinet-level departments: Energy, HUD, Commerce, Interior, and Education in his 2012 “Plan to Restore America”. Mitt Romney was even reported to be charging people to be blind and wants to charge people for being Mentally Retarded. I could keep going but it is evident that these and other candidates that think along the same lines just do not know what is going on.

Can you just imagine how bad this nation would be if all those departments were cut out and cast aside? Can you imagine no protection for your children and their right to a fair and good education? Can you imagine letting the pharma companied run the health care industry as well as the insurance companies? Can you imagine there being no taxes and no way for the government to be able to raise funds for our protection? Can you imagine no task force available to help people in the event of a national disaster in their area? I do know one thing, I would not want to live without those assurance and guaranties of freedom. I don’t give a damned if they are rich, poor people have as much right to be protected as they do and to say otherwise is un-American. This nation was founded on community and not rich self interest. It was founded on principles of compassion and fairness and not religious ideology. This is a country that is supposed to be a nation of the people, by the people and for the people. The Constitution starts out as such. The Declaration of Independence even alludes to it and says that if the government is not looking after the welfare of its citizens it needs to be replaced.

I for one want to see our government changed for the better and not for the worse. I am not far right nor am I far left, both sides such when used in totality. I think and believe that we need elements of both to succeed and will always believe that. I even decided to run for congress because I believe that. Drummond For Congress I don’t give a damned what they think about me but I sure as hell am going to open my mouth to oppose any foolishness and stupidity of those that want to be our leaders. I have a right to do this as any other citizen of these United States of America. May all the gods bless us all as a nation together!