About The Religions Of This World

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There are many religions in this world and the majority of them are about helping each other be better people. Those are the religions that should be fostered and built upon. It is the religions of hate that should be done away with. Tell me, which would you rather have near you, a person that cares about the health and well being of what is around them or a person that wants to control everything that is happening and that if you don’t believe what they say then you should die? I know who I would want near me and I would not be too concerned about what their exact faith would be.

I don’t care what faith or religion you are as long as you don’t force your views on me or tell me what have to do as you are not me and don’t know what my heart is. I have very strong views on religion and will be posting them here from time to time as I see fit and not what others dictate other then my heart and the divine. People need to wake up and see that the divine is all around us and not just some mythical place in the sky. It moves through us, around us and is part of our everyday lives. We don’t have to see it or experience it to see that it is there. We don’t even have to be even aware of its presence, that is not its purpose, it is there for us if we choose to notice it.

Now in many games out of Japan you see the divine as being the planet itself. That could very well be true. If we are bound to this planet then I am sure that the divine that looks after this planet would be as well. Now I am sure many of you are saying Blasphemy right about now and you would be right to do so if this was the only planet is all of creation and the billions of galaxies and stars. I don’t think we are the only planet out of all those billions of stars and galaxies so why should there only be one god or one set of gods to oversee all of creation. There may very well be one overseer but for day to day maintenance, I don’t think so.

As you can see I am not your typical religious person and have been involved with many faiths over the years and have a unique perspective in that I have actually studied many of those faiths. Lets see if I can remember all of the places that I have went to worship. When I was growing up the first church I remember going to was a Wesleyan Church which is an offshoot of the Methodist Church. I went to that particular church until I was about 10, I think. After that when ever we moved it was a different church and every time I would ask questions and be told I just didn’t know how to read right. That is a bunch of bull, if it says “BLACK” then the word is black. If it says that Christ said to LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR, that that is what it says.

Anyways, I have been to Wesleyan, Methodist, Presbyterian, Episcopalian, Lutheran, Catholic, Church Of God, Church Of Christ, Baptist, Southern Baptist, Northern Baptist, Pagan Circles, Wiccan Gatherings, Wysair and Druidism. I have even been involved with Shamanism. The point is that I have been involved with religion since birth and have come to realize that if you don’t listen to the divine caring voice that everyone has the ability to hear then you are not going to be a good person. Many religions say you must control others and force them to convert, that is just wrong Wrong WRONG. If we should force anything on anyone it should be that they learn how to be able to take care of one another and the planet that we live on.

I have studied many of the religions that I have listed here, have even read the Upanishads which is the basis of Hindu and from what I can see is the oldest structured religion on the planet. Religion and faith should be about helping each other and caring about the planet we live on. I know that everyone has selfish desires and that is never going to change and it shouldn’t. Without those desires we would not even be able to live. What we do need to do is to temper that with caring for each other and not just what you can get from someone else. Greed and stupidity are the number one causes of all wars and social disasters. It causes wars, it causes the collapse of governments, it causes Wall Street to fall and it causes everyone to act like idiots as they try to one up each other.

Point is, we all just need to get along and quit shoving hate down the throats of our children and quit being so insanely greedy. If we could all do that then this really could be heaven on earth or as close as it could be.