Redline – A story about the most popular racing event in the galaxy, the Redline, and the various racers who compete in it.

Rhonda November 4, 2019

If you are up for a fun, fast movie with great music and non-stop action, find a way to get to some kind of online service to get this 2009 anime film about one of the biggest, dangerous, and most illegal races in the galaxy. The Redline is not too far off, but to make it there, many racers must qualify in other prelim races, and we start this story as Sweet JP is racing in the Yellowline. Sweet JP (Patrick Seitz) looks like he came right out of the 1950s with a black greaser duck tail pompadour haircut that goes on for days, jeans and leather jacket. He is going against some big competition, but the strongest rival is Sonashee MacClaren (Michelle Ruff). With her green and pink hair, and simple way of dress and no-nonsense way of doing things, no one would guess that she is the best contender for the Redline. This race is so intense with it’s vicious, dirty driving tactics and crazy racers, it would be hard to know that it was only a prelim.

JP was not favoured to win, but he comes in a very close second to Sonashee, but what the spectators do not know is that JP was paid off to lose. He is in debt to a nasty crime boss, and those favoured odds are paying off, plus paying off his debts he took on to stay in these races. JP and his car take some nasty damage. While he is recuperating, his mechanic, Frisbee (Liam O’Brien) comes in with a huge rolling case of cash. This is their cut for taking the fall. JP dreams of his past of seeing sleek cars with multicoloured reflections shining off them while big name racers drive off with their groupies into the sunset. Frisbee wakes him to the reality of the fact that although he has qualified for the Redline, his car needs some major work done, if not even a total redesign.

Soon they are off to the the track which happens to be set on one of the moons of a planet known as Roboworld. It is a place populated by cyborgs, and its president has no tolerance for lawbreakers. There is no way he is going to let the Redline take place in his own backyard. His brass are put to the task of stopping the Redline and capturing the racers and bringing them to justice. JP has too much on his mind to worry about uptight cyborg politicians. He has used pretty much all his payoff money in buying new parts for his car. There is also another prize at stake besides the prestige of winning Redline. JP has been crushing on Sonashee since they were kids, and this is his opportunity to get into her life, and he is not going to let it slide.

Redline was full-length directorial debut for Takeshi Koike, and he nailed it! He had done some short films before, including one used in The Animatrix. The soundtrack is an amazing mix of blues, techno, soft rock and so much more. There have been extended remixes used in house music that will make you want to dance all night. There is even some J-pop! If you are looking for some great party music, just the Redline soundtrack will get your body moving. Since it is winter, and summer is racing season, keep your summer eternal by watching Redline at any time.

I give this film a Musing review of ★★★★★☆ 

For a great taste of what’s to come, here is an AMV featuring clips from Redline and the music of Flo Rida.