Rango (2011) What Can One Lost Lizard Do?

Cleave April 17, 2013

Rango-DVD-Cover-FrontA fantastic and fanciful tale, written by John Logan and directed by Gore Verbinski, of a once pet lizard that gets abandoned and lost in the desert. It truly is a film to keep on your shelf to see time and time again with all its inside jokes and wild action it is a film for everyone from children to adults. All who see this film, even if they don’t like it which is highly unlikely, will find something to smile about in this film. It is full of cautionary takes and common sense wisdom and presented in a way that makes you realize just what the film is telling you about the society that we and Rango live in.

By the way, Rango (Johnny Depp) is the name of the lost little lizard that has a knack of getting into the worse situations imaginable. The reason is that he is always trying to fit in by telling lies when no one will accept the truth. He is so desperate to fit in that he would even take the credit for killing several critters with a single shot. His lies with his own dumb luck even get him appointed as sheriff of the town of Dirt, a town that is literally drying up around the residence. The thing about the law in Dirt though is that many times they don’t even live the week on the job. The main reason is that of a vile bird, only known as Hawk and Rattlesnake Jake (Bill Nighy). Those two have been the cause of most of the deaths that have occurred in and around Dirt.

Just when Rango thinks he is going to meet his end he is flushed out of a drain pipe and into the cross hairs of the shotgun of Beans (Isla Fisher), a rather stubborn lizard that has a habit of freezing up, like a statue, and looses all sense of time while doing so. She refuses to accept what Rango saw but everyone in dirt knows she does it, they all call it, and even her, a defense mechanism. Beans is also the only hold out in a big land grab that is being secretly run by the Mayor (Ned Beatty). He wants the entire town for himself, to build a city that he will be able to control. With the town drying out and no other water to be found people have been selling their land and leaving. Little do they all know that the drought is actually a tortoise made one.

Rango winds up having a showdown with Rattlesnake Jake, who he claimed was his brother, and is forced to admit all his lies to the town. He is just a lost little lizard that was once a pet and has made up all the stories just to fit in and be accepted. He then goes off into the desert while the Mayor tries to convince Beans to sell her land. It is out in the desert in a fit of delirium that Rango meets The Spirit of the West (Timothy Olyphant) and the armadillo named Roadkill (Alfred Molina) that he meet when he was first ejected from his owners car, which was very funny and worth watching that one part over and over for the laughs that it brings. The Spirit of the West shows Rango just exactly who he is and gives him courage to accept that and go forward on his quest to save the town and his beloved Beans.

Over all this is a very well made animated film and one that you will find yourself thinking about with a grin. It is full of laughs and even a few heartaches. It has danger, romance, suspense, humor and love all rolled up in one. This film has it all as you root for the lost little lizard Named Rango and watch how he becomes the savior of first Dirt and then Mud.

I give this film a Musing review of ★★★★★☆