Ralph Breaks the Internet

Rhonda April 4, 2019

Can you believe it has been six years since Wreck-It Ralph (John C. Reilly) was accused of “going Turbo” at Litwak’s Family Fun Center? Well, now Ralph and Vanellope Von Schweetz (Sarah Silverman) are the best of buds, and when they are not at working in their arcade games, they spend every minute together, drinking root beer at Tappers, and just goofing off in other games like TRON. Ralph loves his life, and the security of doing the same thing every day with Vanellope. Vanellope feels very different. One day, as they are goofing off in the surge protector, they watch as what might be a new game get plugged in. The new plugin is not a game, but a wifi access port is added instead.

Vanellope is getting bored with Sugar Rush. She is still one of sixteen racers, and the very best at her trade. She is Sugar Rush royalty, but she still wears the same old minty striped hoodie and leggings with the candy wrapper skirt and the candy beads in her hair. The one thing she can do royally is drive better than anyone, and she is looking for a new challenge. Ralph takes this opportunity to make her happy and creates a new track in Sugar Rush. When Vanellope is about to win a simple race, she takes the detour, and finds the new drift track to be a great challenge, and loves it, even though she loses the race. What Vanellope does not know is that the young lady that was controlling her car was fighting with her for control of the steering wheel. Real life meets cyber life, and this time, the steering column broke on the Sugar Rush console. Mr. Litwak (Ed O’Neill) knows that Sugar Rush is getting older, and breakdowns are bound to happen, and is considering pulling Sugar Rush from the arcade, when the kids find him a new steering wheel for the game on Ebay. Problem is, that part is rather pricey. Thus, Sugar Rush gets it’s plug pulled, causing mass panic in the surge station. All kinds of characters come pouring out of Sugar Rush, including Vanellope’s bratty, smack-talking rivals.

Now, all these characters will have to find new homes, and the not-so-newlyweds, Fix-it Felix (Jack McBrayer) and Calhoun (Jane Lynch) offer to take in the racers. Meanwhile, Vanellope is having a sulk, and not wanting to do her usual things with Ralph. While Felix and Calhoun are attempting to take on parenting, and failing at it, Ralph is waiting for Vanellope at Tapper’s. When she doesn’t show, and Felix comes rushing in nervous and babbling, Ralph gives him Vanellope’s root beer. Felix chugs it down, and finishes it off with a loud, “E-oh-boy!” Ralph remembers hearing the kids saying something about “Eboi” and the wifi, and hunts down Vanellope. They are going to get the steering wheel and get Sugar Rush back online by going to the Internet.

For us users who know about the Net, we know it can be an infinite place with all kinds of possibilities of good, bad, and even ugly things happening. When two retro arcade game characters with insecurity problems take it on, not knowing anything about it, chaos ensues, and like the Net, things get good, bad, and ugly. From the pop-up ads, to the networks, to tackling viruses, taking on the ultimate race game, and gaining immense popularity on a video website, then losing it, in pursuit of a Sugar Rush steering wheel, Ralph and Vanellope have the most amazing adventure in the Net and within their own emotions.

This is volume 2 of the Wreck-It Ralph saga, and with all the great platforms for gaming, it can go on and like a Norse edda (A collection of Old Norse poems, called the Elder or Poetic Edda, assembled in the early 1200s.), which isn’t so bad. Can’t wait to see what Ralph and Vanellope take on next!

I give this film a Musing review of ★★★★★☆