Quake II

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Quake 2
Fun Factor:★★★★★ 

Quake II is better the first game. Quake II has a different storyline than the first game. This game is a Sci-Fi action game and it is a really fun game. The storyline in this game is about these aliens called cybernetic Strogg, and how they attacked Earth. Now, these marines are going to attack their home planet to get their revenge for attacking Earth. This game is more gory than the first game and more body parts are flying everywhere. The Stroggs in this game look like the Borg from Star Trek, but stroggs look more scary and ugly.

In this game, you run into a naked woman and she one of the stroggs. Yes, she is ugly. The first game wasn’t all that violent. The first game was little bit scary, but this game has more action and blood. This game is not for kids. I know some parents let there kids play Call of Duty, but this game is a no. The gameplay runs like today’s games without the aim assist. This game came out around 1997. They didn’t have aim assist back then. All you can do is shoot. This game changed the gameplay of first person shooters. I like this gameplay better the first game. The first game runs like old first person shooters, but this one runs alot better. The graphics in this game look great. There are some few bugs and glitches in this game. It almost looks like a PS2 game, but the stroggs they look like the people from the first Metal Gear Solid game.

The soundtrack in this game really rocks. The person who did the soundtrack this game is Rob Zombie. Rob Zombie did the Matrix, and some of Twisted Metal games, and this game. Rob Zombie did lot of stuff in the past. This game is fun to play and bloody as hell. If you are Blood and Guts fan, you will like this game. This game is only on the PSone, PC, and N64. The N64 version looks like crap. I would rather get the PC or PSone Version, not the N64.