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Fun Factor:★★★★☆ 

Quake is the first 3-D first person shooter go to the next gen. Back then, first person shooters were 3-D, but monster or other items were in 2-D. When Quake came out around 1996, it changed the world of first person shooters. The storyline in this game like Doom, but different. This game is about a Ranger who was sent into a portal in order to stop an enemy code-named Quake.

He has to find this rune stones to stop Shub-Niggurath from invading Earth. The storyline is confusing, but Doom II has a better storyline than the first Quake game. What is fun about this game is the Multi-Player. If you were played this back than Multi-player was the hit on this game. You can go online, play with your friends or some of your collage classmates. This game did change the 3-D graphics, but not the gameplay. The gameplay runs like Doom II. Doom II was in 2-D, but it changed it to 3-D. The graphics looks like crap,. but, hey, it is an old school game.

I did play the Nintendo 64 version before and it doesn’t look all that good. The soundtrack in this game was done by Nine Inch Nails. No wonder the soundtrack in this game is pretty good. This game is only PC, N64, and Sega Saturn. This game is not for PSone. This game is good, and people who play Call of Duty will try this game.