Project Rescue Africa

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FunFactor: ★★★★☆ 

Project Rescue Africa is unlike any casual game I’ve come across. You are sent to Africa to create a wildlife preserve, but to earn the funds to create this safe haven for the animals, you must take it upon yourself to feed them, and to protect them from poachers. As you go along, the animals in your care grow strong and healthy, and as you earn more cash to take in younger cubs, foals, piglets, and calves to look after, you get closer to your goal of building an even safer habitat for them, along with upgrading your choppers so they can be taken to the preserve more than one critter at a time. I really love the green theme of this game, and wish I had the resources to something like this in a real life setting. Project Rescue Africa is not easy, and it is hard to keep up with all the critters running around your screen, and sometimes a poacher might slip by and take one of your charges out, which can really be a little sad, even in a game. You just have to be quicker than the poachers, and DO NOT forget to keep your animals fed, or they will bug you endlessly for their noms!

I highly recommend Project Rescue Africa not only for the unique style of gameplay, but for the wildlife preservation awareness it gives us. I really do hope that all the casual game carriers that host this download are donating part of the proceeds to this cause for each copy of this game sold. That would just make it so much better!