On a Pale Horse

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On a Pale Horse - Book 1 of the Incarnations of ImmortalityBook 1 of the Incarnations of Immortality series by Piers Anthony is a wild ride that only this master of Science Fiction could write. It is full of suspense, intrigue, mystery and backstabbing like you would not believe. It will keep you glued to the pages right to the end and have you wanting to read it again and get the next book in the series.

The master bard Piers Anthony opens with a down and out man in a crummy apartment who wants to die. As he sits there with his gun in his hand thinking of how best to do the deed he notices someone else in the room with him. Shocked at what he sees he forgets all about killing himself and instead aims his gun right at the stranger and pulls the trigger. Little does Zane know but he just shot death and boy what a price that put on him.

The way that the Incarnates work is that they must always be replaced by the one that took them out. There are some exceptions but they are always replaced by someone from the mortal realm and the only way that Death is replaced is if they step down or if they are killed by the one they are going to collect. Now managing the dead is a tiresome business so Death only collects personally those souls that are in indecision and suicides. He personally collects their souls and takes them to Purgatory till they either rise to heaven or sink to hell.

Zane now has to fulfill all of Deaths responsibilities for if he doesn’t then no one anywhere is going to die. If no one dies then it affects all of the other Immortal Incarnates and he has to deal with each and everyone of them. One really troublesome one is that of Satan, another Incarnate, who is trying to tip the balance of power between good and evil. It is not till another book in the series that we truly know the reason why so you will just have to read them all.

If you love science fiction and a good read then you are going to love this book and want to keep it on hand to read again and again. I know I want to read it again right now. See you on the Plains of Purgatory where we can all read them together.