July 19, 2018 Will

DOOM available from GOG.com is an old school FPS game, and in this game, it did not have you looking through a scope. This game came out way before Call of Duty did. This game did age very well, and it is still fun to play today. The game is about a space marine that is fighting demons in Hell. Mostly in this game, you are in Hell. The graphics are pretty good for a 1993 game and the texture does look more like Minecraft, but this game came way before Minecraft. The demons are in 2D, and the textures on demons at far view look great, but if they comes up close, they look more pixeled. The gameplay is……

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June 14, 2018 Rhonda
Sugar Crime

With all the various candy popping, match 3 puzzle games out there these days, it is refreshing to come across an original title like Sugar Crime. This tale follows Zack and Lou as they track the sudden crackdown on the stupid law that has come about forbidding candy sales across the USA. Zack, a fox, starts his investigation in New York, then learns that his buddy, Lou, a raccoon, has been arrested for undercover candy sales in Miami. He bails Lou out, and now they go on a Blues Brothers-style chase to find out why there has fun has been taken away from the children of the country. Surely, these has to be more to this that an attempt to……

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June 12, 2018 Will
Killer Instinct Gold

Killer Instinct Gold is the sequel for the first KI game. This game is for the N64 and it is better than the first game. This game is in 3-D, but the characters are not. They are still 2-D figures. This game is more fun than the first game was. This game has more combos and more characters to choose. My favorite character is Kim Wu. Kim Wu is good character to play with. Her skills are really good, good combos, and she does alot of damages. Other characters are really good, but she is the best one to choose.  Read more... (366 words, 1 image, estimated 1:28 mins reading time) This is a preview of Killer Instinct Gold. Read……

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June 8, 2018 Will
Super Street Fighter II

Super Street Fighter II is one of my favorite Street Fighter games in the series. I just played the SNES version not Genesis. I like SNES version because it has better graphics and much better sound. Genesis version sound more like Game Boy Color, but graphics look little bit better, but not as good as SNES version. The graphics look pretty good and it really age well. The color looks great and textures looks pretty good as well. The gameplay is the one thing I like about this game. Street Fighter controls today are a little bit challenging, but for this game, the controls are easier to use on SNES. The arcade version is alot harder than on console. When……

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May 15, 2018 Will
Mirror’s Edge

Mirror’s Edge is one of the hardest FPS games that I have ever played. Imagine playing Prince of Persia in first person view. Well, this game does it. This game will make your head spin a couple of times, and sometimes you want to take break from it. The graphics look pretty amazing, and the gameplay runs really good, however, you will get dizzy and hungry. I’m glad they this game in a VR game. I will have sit down, because this will and make my head spin. The story in this game is OK, but fun about this game is the gameplay. The story about this a runner named Faith, trying to clear her sister’s name. Her sister got……

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