Mystery Legends: Beauty and the Beast

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Fun Factor:★★★★☆ 

So we all know the happily ever after version of the story of Beauty and the Beast, thanks to French faerie tale author, Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve and modern media, but this hidden object mystery takes this story a bit further down the line into a speculative fiction where the evil enchantress that placed the spell on the formerly haughty prince is not quite done with him. Belle has gone home due to some frightening news about her family, but it is a ruse to get her away from the castle. When she gets home, she finds the cottage in a bit of a shambles, and the small forest glen behind it disheveled, as well. This is where we take on the personae of Belle and start playing the game through her senses.

We are able to see things quite clearly, and the world definitely has that early 18th century look to it. Things sparkle to give us clues in casual mode, and getting hints from our prince as needed is pretty quick when we call. We encounter saucy leprechaun ladies, a robotic little dog that has a tendency to get overly excited at the thought of chasing birds and often needs to be repaired. We look for items to help us enter new areas in the night that take us further down the path to taking on the wicked magic-user that just does not want to let our royal boyfriend go. This game does take some time to get through, so if you are one of those gamers who wants to speed through levels, Mystery Legends: Beauty and the Beast is not for you. Many of the logic puzzles are great brain-teasers. For those who like some right-brain artistry to balance out all that left-brain logic, you will really enjoy it.