Mulan – Loyalty, Bravery, Truth and Devotion to Family

Cleave January 7, 2021

Mulan HD CoverMulan follows the journey of discovery from child to that of a woman. A woman that who must overcome obstacles to save a kingdom. Many of those obstacles she has to overcome is that of her own making. The movie is in many ways a journey of discovery as well as that of redemption, even the redemption of an unlikely foe.

The movie starts with the father narrating the life of his daughter, Mulan (Yifei Liu). A daughter that is a bit of a tomboy who loves to play in the wilds near her village as well as train as if she were a boy, when no one is watching. She is not daughter like at all and is seen as a handful by her mother. It is not till Mulan breaks a phoenix statue and causes a ruckus in the village that her father has to put a end to her antics. He tells her that she must hid away her chi and not let it show, that she must bring honor to the family by being matched and wed.

A few years later Böri Khan (Jason Scott Lee) starts to raid garrisons along the silk road. One by one they fall to him and his chi witch Xianniang (Li Gong). It is b3ecause of these raids that causes the Emperor (Jet Li) to conscript an army to be able to stop the Rouran warriors and protect his subjects. When told about the raids he specifically asks about his people and was told that they were slaughters. After which he sends out his conscription decree. It is this decree that leads to one male in each family of Mulan’s village to be conscripted. Mulan has no brothers so her father Hua Zhou (Tzi Ma) to accept a conscription scroll. It is after this that Mulan’s mother Hua Li (Rosalind Chao) tells her girls that they must be strong as she knows that Hua Zhou will not be returning.

Instead of wanting to see her father go, Mulan steals her father hose, armor, sword and conscription scroll to take her fathers place. She plans to hide that she is a woman and act as a man to protect her father and her family. It is during the ride to the training camp that she sees a phoenix that sho9ws her the way. This same phoenix many times shows her the way and even in one shot of the film makes it look like Mulan has phoenix wings.

This is a film for the entire family and will keep you glued to your seat as you watch Mulan from form a child to that of a woman to that of a great warrior. As I said before there are many stories of redemption in this film and not just Mulan’s. I would definitely want to watch this film again and would reco9mend it to others.

I give this film a Musing review of ★★★★★★