Mirror’s Edge

Will May 15, 2018
Mirrors Edge
Fun Factor:★★★★★ 

Mirror’s Edge is one of the hardest FPS games that I have ever played. Imagine playing Prince of Persia in first person view. Well, this game does it. This game will make your head spin a couple of times, and sometimes you want to take break from it. The graphics look pretty amazing, and the gameplay runs really good, however, you will get dizzy and hungry.

I’m glad they this game in a VR game. I will have sit down, because this will and make my head spin. The story in this game is OK, but fun about this game is the gameplay. The story about this a runner named Faith, trying to clear her sister’s name. Her sister got arrested for murder, and Faith is trying to set her sister free, but people are getting to way and trying to kill Faith to cover up their own crap, and Faith is trying to find the events that she need. The graphics in this are pretty good, but the color is the problem. The texture looks more detailed and lighting fixes do a amazing job, but you will see blue sky and white buildings. The color changes sometimes later in the game, but that you see blue sky and white buildings.

The gameplay runs alot smoother and does get stressful sometimes. Sometime you get to thinking of what you’re what doing, instead of running in guns blazing. You must make your time right, otherwise you will fall off the building, jump mistakenly, or get KIA. It is just like Prince of Persia, but Prince of Persia was a little bit easier, and it wasn’t in first person view. The combat in this game is much harder than FPS games out there. You are mostly using punches and kicks in this game. You can use guns, but you don’t keep them for very long. After that gun is out of ammo, you cannot use it ever again, unless you steal anther one from the guards, but you do not want to go neither of them. You get killed if get kill if get close to them.

This game mostly stealth instead of shooter. You got try to stay away from the bad guys as as possible, otherwise you will get shot up. This game is done by DICE. The developers who did the Battlefield series and new Star Wars: Battlefront series, which they were disappointing. This game is from EA, but it is a good one. This game came from the 2000’s and many EA games from 2000’s actually was really good. In 2010’s, EA had many crappy games and they are greedy. If you want play this game, you get on console or PC, but I rather get the GOG.com version instead Origin. Origin has problems and it is not that good at all. I don’t know if the Origin version has it, but EA can sneak it in. This great game, and I want you all to play it. You can find this game on GOG.com.