Mass Effect 2

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Fun Factor:★★★★★ 

Mass Effect 2 is one of best Bioware game and one of EA best titles. The story two years later after Shepard got killed by the Collectors and came back from the dead by Cerberus, In the first Mass Effect game, Cerberus try to kill Shepard, but Cerberus wants to stop the Collectors. The Collectors are using humans for experiment and making the Reapers with them. That is messed up.

Mass Effect 2 is better than the first game. The first was good, but this one is better. It has a great storyline, more quests, more weapons, lots of DLC’s and better gameplay. Also you can upgrade your weapons, armor, and even upgrade the Normandy. You need to upgrade the Normandy if you want to take down the Collectors. The last gameplay from first game wasn’t as good, but this more like Metal Gear Solid 4 gameplay. This game does the same gameplay MGS4 did. This game does use Unreal 3 engine. So it use did same engine from the first game. The graphics in this game has been changed. The graphics does look the same from ME1, but more detail to the game. The XBOX 360 & PC does have some bugs and glitches, but the PS3 version doesn’t have that. I know the PS3 have better technology than the XBOX 360 did. The problem with the XBOX 360 version, you have to switch discs often. I had to switch disc 2 to continue the game and I switch back to disc 1 to finish the game.

That is one problem about XBOX 360, it doesn’t Blu ray. In this game, you can control the Normandy like an old Final Fantasy game. This game is great and I’m playing the Mass Effect series again so play new Mass Effect that coming to the PS4 next year, and hopefully EA won’t destroy it like they just did to Star Wars: Battlefront 2015 and Need for Speed. And also, EA doesn’t need to put always online on new Mass Effect game. I was playing single player without being online. If you are trying get the best XBOX 360 games or looking for some action, Mass Effect 2 is good for you.