Making Mr. Right

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Fun Factor:★★☆☆☆ 

Making Mr. Right was about as wrong as it gets. This game was a sure-fire stinker from the start. We play as a love expert, whom is not married herself, gee, wonder why? She goes from town to town selling services at a studio to help hopelessly romantic men build their skills to catch the local girl of their dreams.

There are several tiers in this game, and it falls into many categories, so it can all get very confusing. We have the time management part, in the studio itself, where the guys work on their skills. The builder game, where we build homes and shops to help the love grow in the community, and a match 3 game, where we match up stuff like candy, gems, and flowers in the gift shop as a side project. It’s a HGTV show on Lifetime sponsored by Every Kiss Begins with Kay. Too much going on here, way too much!

I only lasted about 30 minutes with this stinky game, and I think I gave it far too much time. It was deleted from my drive, and there is no way I’ll be going back to it. I could have made up the time by watching the 1987 John Malkovich film of the same name, but it wasn’t much better than this game. Making Mr. Right just can’t be any more wrong.