Maestro: Notes of Life

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Fun Factor:★★★★★ 

This game is the sequel to Maestro: Music of Death, and as it is ERS Game Studios, it lives up to par in being the among the group that creates the Cadillac of HOM games.
This is set not too long after the original, but this game has been far more polished, and the dubbing has gotten better. The out of game animations are smoother, too. ERS has really been stepping up their game when it comes to development.

Again, we are using musical magic in our search for a missing child, but there is another child that has the power to make the sound from his violin bend to his will. The dark spirits are still continuing to plague the town, but as to the hidden object puzzles, they are clearer and things are easier to find, but there is still enough of a challenge to keep the gamer on the move. Yes, as with most games like these, there is lots of back and forth, find this object to make that object work or open this lock and so on. We are not inundated with tons of logic puzzles this time around, so we can focus on the story itself. Would that more of these HOM types of games keep us focused this way. This is what keeps us glued to shows like Warehouse 13, and keeps us coming back for sequels to games like Guild Wars, that never-ending story, and characters we all get to know so well. You got it right with this one, ERS. Keep up the great work!