Lost In Space (1998) Danger Will Robinson

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There was once a time when films were meant to entertain and amuse us and we didn’t really care about the science that was behind the film. The unbelievable was the norm and we just loved it. Unfortunately Lost In Space was made when critics and the masses lead by the nose thought that if the science didn’t add up then it was a crap film. Who cares if the science is right if the film is awesome and entertaining. Yes, I said awesome and this film does fall into that category. It is entertaining, full of action and definitely not as dull as the TV show was. Don’t get me wrong, the TV show was great for its time but compare it to the film and it is just 1950’s put the women in their place drivel and dull. This film was updated for the times which gave it an all new charm that just didn’t get the play that it should have. When you have reviewers being hard nosed critics and crying that it wasn’t like the original then it is time just to go crawl in a hole and I don’t give a damn what Plinkett might say about any film. This film does have merit and is fun to watch and I am damn glad they tossed out the 50’s mentality of the old show.

The world as we know it in 2058 has been overcrowded to the point that it will not be able to sustain life for very much longer. A new home or planet to colonize must be found so that some of the 100 billion people can be given room to grow. To help make this a reality the world government is building hyper gates so that there will not have to be a 10 year trip from world to world but instead be able to get there as quickly as just walking through a door. The only problem is that there have to be 2 gates built and someone has to be able to go ahead and make sure that everything is setup for the work crews to start construction on the other side. That is what the Jupiter Project is about, getting people to the other end that have the technical know how to make sure that the job gets done right and that there is some kind of support for the technicians that are going to follow them. Everyone is looking forward to this except for a rogue element that wants the gate for themselves, a terrorist organization that will stop at nothing to make sure the Jupiter mission fails. It is this organization that Dr. Zachary Smith is working with to sabotage the trip.

John Robinson is a brilliant scientist that is heading the Jupiter project along with his family who will be going with him to Alpha Prime to set up advanced operations for the gate and colonization. His wife Maureen Robinson is a botanist and a woman that can definitely keep all the Robinsons in check. Going with them are his children: Judy Robinson is an engineer and a life support specialist that is making sure that the sleep pods they will be using will be 100% and nothing short of that will satisfy her. John has 2 other children as well, Will Robinson a science and robotics geek and Penny Robinson a girl that is mad at the universe and makes sure that her parents know and experience her displeasure every chance she can get to complain to them. The kids are younger then when they were in the show but it does make for a better story line and plot with them being so young. You have the father off trying to save the planet while they are at home wondering if he is even going to love or pay attention to them at all. This just makes things a real burden for Maureen as she tries to hold the family together long enough so that the mission can get underway. Once it has she will have them all under one roof and be able to get the family to work things out.

Because of the terrorists activities against the project their main pilot has been killed and a replacement has to be found. The best pilot that the planetary forces has is also the one that follows the least amount of orders. It is those 2 things together that make Major Don West the perfect choice to be the pilot of the Jupiter 2 spacecraft. He hates the idea of being a “baby sitter” but he has no choice but to follow orders. Once the good major sees Judy his whole outlook of the mission changes as he is thinking more of getting into her instead of getting into the pilot seat. Can you blame him? She is attractive and will be the only person he could even have a relation ship with for at least 10 years or so.

This film has a lot of action that keeps the film going all the way to the end and it even has a decent script. Many of the films in the 90’s had good scripts but it was also the time of the critics hating everything except for dry sappy dramas. Give me good entertainment that doesn’t put me to sleep, that is a good film and Lost In Space foots the bill as being a high action apace adventure that the entire family can enjoy. Pass me the popcorn and the remote so I can enjoy this lost gem as we watch the Robinsons get Lost In Space.

I give this film a Musing review of ★★★★★☆