Judge Dredd: Dredd vs. Death

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Fun Factor:★★★★☆ 

This game is set in the future and fighting criminals, vampires, zombies, and ghosts. You are Judge Dredd, and he is the law. So, you are playing as a cop. In this game, you have to arrest lots of people. You have to arrest the fatties, the people who are smoking out in the streets, and the people assaulting the Judges. That is kind stupid that you have arrest fatties. I don’t know how many people get locked up in that prison.

Later on, you will be fighting vampires and zombies. The vampires and zombies, they go after the fatties first. It’s like that movie, Zombieland. The zombies go after the fatties before any others. There one level that you have to fight zombies in the mall. That level I like. This game is based on a comic book. When this game came out for the PlayStation 2 and PC, people were playing this game online. I never played the online version of this game, but I heard that it is pretty good. I got the PC version. My dad got from gog.com for $2.99. That is really good price for a game that good. Gamestop wants to sell it for $3.99 on the PlayStation 2 version. The PC version looks way better than the PlayStation 2 version.

The graphics in this game looks pretty good. The graphics look like the first Halo game. This game look better than Halo: Combat Evolved, but not Halo 2. I wish gog.com got the Halo. If they did, I would be so happy. The gameplay runs like GoldenEye on the Nintendo 64. Not the PlayStation 3 version of GoldenEye, but the Nintendo 64 version. I like that gameplay way better than today’s first person shooters gameplay. There is a little bit of bug problem in this game, but there no big deal about it. The bug problem is that when you are killing something, the thing will fly everywhere. That doesn’t happen most the time.

One more bad thing about this game. It’s short. 8 hours of time. That how much time I took to beat this game. This game is way better than Judge Dredd 1995 film with Sylvester Stallone. That movie was funny. It look stupid, but funny. The new one is way better than other one. If you are comic book fan or a 2000 A.D. fan. You will like this game.