Journey Of Life

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Photo take by Cleave Drummond at EPCOT – March 1996

You always hear about people wanting to hurry up and get someplace. They want to get to the end of a game, get to the end of dinner, get to the end of the road, get to the end of just about everything, sometimes even sex. Why in the hells would you want THAT to end soon. I can tell you I want that to last as long as it can. Why would you not want anything to last as long as it can, that is the point of a journey.

Think about it this way, when you play a game it is supposed to be for your enjoyment and you should want to enjoy it for as long as you can. Why would you want your enjoyment to stop? If you finish the game or anything for that matter, you get a rush and then it is over. While you are in the game you are pulled this way and that, you are challenged and you are thinking about what comes next and how you might be able to over come it. The same is true when reading a book. When I get to the end of a book that I like I am disappointed when it ends, just like the previous activity mentioned earlier. I want things to be enjoyed as long as possible before they have to end. The same is true about life.

If you think of life as a journey that has a necessarily end then do you really want to see it end? Do you really want to stop living? Do you want to just end it all and then stop because if you do then you don’t have anything left at all, not even your life. Now how are you going to be able to enjoy life if your not even in it any more to be able to play in it? If you don’t want life to end then why do you want everything else to be so short so you can get to the end of it? I know I want to enjoy it all for as long as I can.

So remember, if you are trying to get to the end and the end of it all then you are doing nothing more then cutting yourself short and possibly the enjoyment of others as well. I am sure that they enjoy having you with them on the journey and I know that they don’t want your journey to end for if it did then they would no longer have you in the next part of their journey of life.