Jojo’s Fashion Show: World Tour

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Fun Factor:★★☆☆☆ 

I was rather disappointed with Jojo’s Fashion Show: World Tour. The game started out pretty fun, doing a show in Tokyo. It takes over from the first game a few years later and Jojo’s daughter is now running her own fashion line out of Rio. So we start off doing pop fashions in Japan, the Goth Loli, Loli, Tokyo Street, and Kimono Crazy looks, which are really fun, but once we got out of Tokyo, things started to slide a bit. The things we were given to work with to help Jojo make new looks were recycled from previous levels, and often did not even match what we were supposed to put together.

Creating outfits for the ladies was much easier than for the guys, and once we got the models in the dressing rooms, we had to be speedy to the “model chain” and “Style chain” bonuses. The bigger the bonus and higher the score for matching what was popular in whichever city we were in, the more powerups and stars we get. Getting a 5-star show is not really all that had, but getting the looks together in such a limited amount of time is frustrating, let alone having to hunt down the proper shoes to match an outfit, and let’s not even go there with accessories. They give a nice boost to the score, but put the wrong thing with the wrong outfit, and watch that score go so low.

I got thru Tokyo, Amsterdam, London, Djarkarta, and all the way to the Rio show when I realised this game just can’t be played by the rules because the devs were cutting costs by not giving us what we needed to play. Rio wants animal prints, and there are none to be found on any of the patterns they give us for Rio, and so on. This game needs an update, and the devs should trying reading their Vogue magazines again before their redesign. Maybe then this game might be worth another look.