Review: Jane And The Dragon

Cleave September 13, 2010

Jane And The DragonThis is one of the cutest shows I have seen lately. It was originally done in Canada, or rather for Canada. It is about a girl named Jane that was tired of being a maid in waiting, just like her mother. She was so against being a servant in the kings’s castle that when the prince was found missing she went to go get the little brat back.

Yes, the prince is a real brat and is always trying to cause problems. You know how kids are that are born with a silver spoon in their mouth, they think they are better then everyone else and they always make a point of pointing that fact out. EVEN if they are WRONG!

Anyway, back to Jane. It was said that a dragon took the prince so she took the armor that she made in secret and went to slay the dragon. Now the show has yet to show how she attempted this but from the song that plays she befriended the dragon by promising to take the kid away as its annoying nature was just too much for the dragon. Once she made a friend of the dragon and brought the prince back she is made a knight in training.

You really should see this show, some of the scenes will make you cry. They are that touching. It is a show that both adults and kids of all ages will be able to enjoy. Another really big plus for the show is that it was made by WETA, you know, the ones that did Lord Of The Rings with Peter Jackson.

Only one season was made so if you get the chance you should check the show out. I hope that you love them as much as me and my family have loved them.