Indiana Jones and the Raiders Of The Lost Ark

Cleave March 31, 2011

A film full of mystery, occult and wonder as we are taken on a journey of both discovery and adventure. It is still as great today as it was when it first hit the screen in 1981. This is a classic that is never going to die and drops us into the middle of a time when the world was still a mysterious place. A time when just looking for something was a reward unto it’s self. The film might seem to start slow but it quickly picks up the pace ad Indy tries to stay one step ahead of all the traps and pitfalls that are in front and chasing him. You will love the ride that is Indiana Jones and the Raiders Of The Lost Ark. Yes, I called it a ride because that is what it is. Like a roller coaster we are being pulled up the hill and then plummeted down the next as we try and keep up with what is now our hero. Lucas and Spielberg definitely knew what they were doing with this film.

The time is before the 2nd World War and Dr. Jones (Harrison Ford) is on a quest to find an ancient sacred relic of the Hovitos tribe in the jungles of Peru. We don’t know why Indy went after this one particular piece but we do know that it is pieces of a map that led him there. It is a dangerous place to be and if caught by the Hovitos he is sure to be killed, even one of his guides tried to kill him. So after trekking through the jungle and past the waterfall on the map they come to a cave where the idol is supposed to rest. Personally I don’t like the cave as it is full of the nastiest creature on the planet, as far as this reviewer is concerned. It is full of spiders and they scare the willies out of me. There, I said it, I am afraid of spiders and when I see them in a film I have an uncontrolled urge to bolt.

As Indy and his guide Satipo (Alfred Molina) continue on they have to face many dangers and even more as they are trying to get out. Who doesn’t remember seeing the big bolder chasing Indy out of the cave. Even those who might not have seen the film have seen that one scene and parodies of it on many occasions on shows and commercials. It is one of the more memorable moments from the film in that it is a scene that is always going to stick in your head. This film is full of moments like that and not all of them are pretty. Some of them are down right disturbing and if watched just before going to be might even give you a nightmare or two. Remember those melting screaming faces? That is an image that wont soon be forgotten.

After escaping the Hovitos and Belloq (Paul Freeman) we find out something even more interesting about Indy, he has a rather strong aversion to snakes. He both hates and fears them and we never really find out why until the 4th film, but lets not get a head of ourselves on that. After Indy gets in the plane and it is in flight a rather big snake slithers up into his lap and seems to really like Indy. Of course this is causing Dr. Jones a lot of discomfort and cause him to get into a shouting match with his pilot. This film has so many moments that if you stop and think about them all you will be able to play the whole film right in your head.

Well this is not Indy and the escape from the Hovitos it is Indiana Jones and the Raiders Of The Lost Ark. After getting back from the jungle we see Professor Jones in front of a class of archeology students at Marshall College in Connecticut. Funny thing about the class, evidently all the gals that go to the school think the proff is one hot stud as 90% of the class is all female. Heck, even one of the guys leave the professor an apple. No wonder the college keeps him around, he keeps students in the seats. It is then that Marcus Brody (Denholm Elliott) comes in and tells Indy that there are government agents to see him but doesn’t know why. What the 2 of them find out is that the Germans are trying to find the Ark of the Covenant and the US government wants Indy to go find it instead. So it is off to Nepal to find the one piece the Nazi would need to find the place as well as to try and make amends with a woman from his past.

If you want to know the rest then you are just going to go see the film for yourself and you wont be disappointed from seeing it either. It is one adventure after another with Indy and Marion Ravenwood (Karen Allen) as they go in search of the Ark and keep it from the Nazi Thule Society and Rene Belloq, Indy’s long time archeological rival. This is going to be a film that you will want to watch again and again as it never gets old and seems to get better with each viewing.

I give this film a Musing review of ★★★★★★