Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Cleave April 5, 2011

Two of the greatest actors of all time together in one film, what is not to love. This film is action packed and even had River Phoenix as Young Indy to get the attention of the teenies, which Harison Ford himself suggested. This film really is a wild ride from the deserts of the Midwest to the deserts of the Mid East. Everyone who sees this film is going to find something to love in it even if the main actress is way too thin in scenes. Hollywood please feed your actresses PLEASE! Sorry for the PSA there, women should have curves and not be flat and boring as boards. Even if Ford is a carpenter he should not have to play with the so called carpenter’s dream. Alison Doody should not have been cast as Dr. Elsa Schneider, she needed more curves and personality which she didn’t have either in this one particular film.

In this film we get to see a bit of Indy’s life as a teen and how his father was obsessed with the legend and the finding of the Holy Grail. We also find out why Indy has such a problem with snakes which stem from when he was being chased by the raiders of Coronado’s Cross. To get away from then he hops on board a circus train and while the raiders are after him he falls into the bins of live snakes in the reptile train car. That experience of having all the snakes around him and another snake striking at him left they young Indy scarred for life. We even see how he got the scar on his chin. After the snake incident he falls into the lion car and has to use the whip to keep the lion back. With no experience using a whip he snaps the end of it back against himself and cutting his chin with it. We also see the passion he had for antiquities even as a youth. It is a perfect bit of prequel to show us more about the man that is Indiana Jones and that he is actually named after a dog.

A copper mogul has found clues to the prize of the century and has looked to the Jones’s to follow up on it for him. Little do the father and son know but Donovan (Julian Glover) is actually working for the Nazi. He is trying to find the Holy Grail but not just for Hitler (Michael Sheard) but to have it for himself so he can stay young forever. Henry (Sean Connery) finds out what Walter is up to and sends his Grail Diary to his son for save keeping before he is whisked away to a castle in Austria. Donovan then contacts Indy to pick up when his father left off since he knows that the son will do anything to be able to save the father. Even though the 2 are not close, a son will always want to make sure the father is not in danger.

From there is it one dangerous moment after another, running from the protectors of the grail, running from the Nazis and avoiding being chopped into little pieces. This film has boat chases, car chases, battles, horses, camels and even tanks to keep you entertained and absorbed into the film. We even get to see another Nazi sort of melt, actually dust, he-he but you will see that when you watch the film. This truly is a quest of the Last Crusade from where the film gets its title. You can never go wrong with an Indians Jones film.

I give this film a Musing review of ★★★★★☆