Hudson Hawk (1991)

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This is a fun adventurous film that really didn’t get the press that it should have. It was played down by the critics because they just could not understand what it meant to just have fun and watch a comedy. Sure the film has faults but it is an adventure and not some serious muckity muck drama that was so loved by the idiot critics of the late 80’s and early 90’s. Hell those same critics said all our favorite films were doomed to fail, yea, right… Anyway, this is a fun film that stars Bruce Willis as the Hudson Hawk, an ex cat burglar that is just trying to get his life together. It is a hoot to watch and the songs in the film will stick in your head for days and then stick some more when you hear them from another source. Considering the music it is not all that bad and Bruce does have a good singing voice. The ladies will especially love his renditions and his quirky mannerisms in the film. Hawk is definitely a hawk when it comes to charming those that are around him.

Hudson Hawk has just spent 10 years in jail and everyone is too interested in his release. His parole officer Gates (Burtt Harris) wants him to return to his past life of crime and seems sure to make sure that Hudson does exactly that. Even his past rivals want him to get back into the act, everyone wants him and he just doesn’t understand why. It is not till much later that we actually find out why he was chosen and it just ads to the funny factor of the film. What is it that they want him to steal? The last commissioned work of Leonardo da Vinci (Stefano Molinari) from the Duke of Milan. It is a bronze statuette that was a representative piece of the bigger project that the Duke wanted made. The full scale version wasn’t made due to a shortage of bronze. With no metals to work with and an over abundance of lead Leonardo tries to turn lead into bronze and accidentally makes gold instead. Knowing how bad this could be for the economy he disassembled the major parts and hides them in three objects, one of them being the small statuette. Hawk doesn’t know any of this at first and you get to see how he pieces it all together throughout the film.

Not only do we have adventure and comedy but we also have romance as well that is first a total failure. There is a woman from the Vatican, Anna Baragli (Andie MacDowell) who is an expert on works done by De Vinci. She is key in getting Hawk to do what is needed to foil the bad guys and save the day. The only problem is that everyone is working everyone else over with double crosses and more. What makes it so bad for Hudson is the fact that Anna is actually a sister, a nun that works at the Vatican Museum. She detests Willis’ character but has to flirt with him to get the job done. This leave our hero thoroughly frustrated and ready to explode. He can’t get a woman, can’t get a cappuccino, can’t get some rest and the insane and insanely rich Mayflowers, Darwin (Richard E. Grant) and Minerva (Sandra Bernhard) wont leave him and Tommy Five-Tone (Danny Aiello) alone nor will George Kaplan (James Coburn) and his gang of ex-CIA operatives. It is all a mess and the only thing that is going to get them out of it is to do what they want and then double cross them themselves.

This film is crazy and funny to watch. It is part comedy, part romance, part musical and all of it really fun to watch. If you get a chance to own this one make sure you keep it where you can see it because you are going to want to watch it over and over. This is one hell of a fun film and is actually family friendly, mostly, sort of. It is a Willis film and you know how his films can be. If you don’t know then crawl out from under your rock and go see some of his movies to see just how fun they can be.

I give this film a Musing review of ★★★★☆☆