Halo 2

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Fun Factor:★★★★★ 

Halo 2 is one of the best selling game for the XBOX original. I didn’t got the XBOX version but, instead I got the PC version. I had hard time getting the PC version up and running. This game was originally for Windows Vista, but I’m running Windows 10. I had play this game on the 360, but it looks really bad. 360 does have a bad backwards compatibility with the original XBOX games. So I got the PC version instead. This game got a OK storyline and great multiplayer.

The storyline shows how battle got started before Halo 3. This gameplay is almost like Halo 3 gameplay but, on the original XBOX. I like this game than the first game. The first gameplay was OK but, this one is better. Halo 2 is fun for multiplayer. I have so much fun with multiplayer then the campaign. The campaign is good, but multiplayer has more fun playing with your friends. The graphics in Halo 2 almost like Doom 3, but Doom 3 looks ten times better than this game. This game does look pretty good, but the characters looks bad, except the Master Chief, and Cortana.

Cortana look damn hot in this game. She look cute in the first game, but this game she is hot mama. I like this game & I’m don’t. Most of it I like. I like it because the graphics are good, way better gameplay,(The first gameplay was pretty good, but this one is better.) and multiplayer. There some things I don’t like about this game are bad looking characters, (Doom 3 has good looking characters than this game.), and hard to understand the story of this game. This game does brings back memories. I was 11 when I play this game on the original XBOX. Hanging out with friends playing this game all night trying be the best at this game. I miss those days and back than games where fun too. Sorry about that. But anyway if you miss Halo 2, try on PC unless you get a original XBOX to play this game. If this game on the 360, it will not work or it will has many bug issues. So play this for the PC instead, but this game was remaster for the XBOX ONE as well. I hear it has better graphics on the XBOX ONE version.