Guild Wars 2 First Beta Weekend

Cleave April 27, 2012

This weekend started the first public beta weekend with no NDA and what a weekend it is starting out to be. So far things look very polished though we are only able to play Norn, Human or Char at least on the world that I chose to play. I can not say what the other ones will or would allow but I am sure that they will be testing everything out thoroughly as the beta events go on.

Starting I took a look at the various races that were open and they are cute as can be on the females and rather hansom for the males. You are able to control all the various aspects of your characters physical appearance. You can control the heights, the weight as well as the various parts of the body. Where you see the most sliders are that of the face. You have three sections for those, you have the eyes, the nose and the mouth and chin. Each giving you various different options so that you can make a character that is uniquely your own. I literally spent 30 minutes just deciding how I wanted my toon to look. Some would want to jump right in but I wanted to see all the options that were available for character creation.

Once you have chosen your features and the class that you want to play you are then asked a series of questions that will help shape the personality and abilities of the character that you are playing. It gives you a lot of insight into what makes up your character as well as you can make it your own and not just like every other character that might be out there. Sure there is a lot of standardization but it is in no way a cookie cutter one size fits all way to make your toon. You get to be wholly involved in what makes your character tick.

Well that’s it for now, will give you more updates as the events go on but for now enjoy some screen shots that we made today just for your enjoyment. I know I should have made more but I got so involved with the story and all of the visuals that I just plain forgot to make more. I hope you will forgive me for that. So, till you are able to play for yourself, here is a preview in pictures of what you might be able to see with your character. BTW, my first character is a female human elementalist.