Grimm Friday Nights on NBC

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Friday nights just got better with the new show from NBC called Grimm. Nick Burckhardt (David Giuntoli) and Hank Griffin (Russell Hornsby) are 2 detectives that have just been thrown into a world of the strange and unnatural, a world that has actually been there all along. A college girl has gone missing all in red and now a little girl as well and the two have to find out what has happened to her before it is too late. That is the basic run down of the pilot that looks to be a hit for NBC and one that I will be looking forward to seeing again.

Nick is somewhat special in that he is actually a Grimm, a person that can see all the unnatural and deadly things that surround us all the time but we are unable to see. The only reason he hasn’t seen them till now, (Reminds me of the movie They Live by John Carpenter) is that only a certain amount of the family are able to have the ability active at one time. When it is almost time for one to die another is “tapped” to have the ability turned on. It was his aunt that had the ability before him and now she is in a coma and the ability is awakening full swing on him. Until his aunt told him what was going on he thought he was starting to go insane.

This is going to be one hell of a show for NBC and any that love a good fairytale, a real Grimm fairytale is going to fall for this show. This will be one to watch to see how well that it does and I don’t just mean the ratings. So far the characters are easy to connect to and believable. It draws you in and hooks you with little bread crumbs of clues along the way as well as pays homage to the original stories in their selection of locations for the show. It also throws you for a loop here and there with the reveals that you are just not going to believe or have even guessed along the way.