Green Lantern (2011) No Evil Shall Escape My Sight

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DC Comics has always had a problem getting good films on screen. Usually they are way more corny then their comic book characters are but with Green Lantern the corn fits. Hal Jordan was always a nut case and the film carried that to the big screen well. Many might think that the character was just misrepresented but in every thing that I remember of Hal is that he was a jokester and not all that serious. They definitely picked the right actor to portray him in my opinion. Now I haven’t read the comics as faithful as other might have but the film seemed true to character and was worth the viewing of it. I even viewed it more then once and not just because I am writing about the film, I genuinely liked the film and how the characters were portrayed. Sure there are deviations but when is there not even from comic issue to comic issue. Just enjoy the film and then start reading the comic if you have not already done so. Green Lantern has always needed to come out of the shadow of the Dark Knight and Superman and this one let him do it.

Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds) is a test pilot for Farris Aeronautics. He is a legacy child that most think is just riding the coat tails of his father but he is much more then that. Sure his father’s death spurred him on but it is himself that gets him where he is. If he was not the best he would not be given the chances and opportunities that he now has. Did his fathers connections help? Of course they did but after getting his foot in the door all the rest was him. As to his personality he is reckless, flippant, a charmer and a person that just does what he feels like doing in the moment. That charm and his ability to overcome is why the ring choose him out of all others on this little part of the universe.

Abin Sur (Temuera Morrison) is one of the leading members of the Green Lantern Corps. His exploits are legend and he was responsible for the imprisonment of Parallax (Clancy Brown) in the Lost Sector. It is his ring that Hal now wears and was given to him after Abin Sur crashed to earth after a devastating battle with a reawakened Parallax. Bleeding and starting to die he ran to the only inhabited planet that was near by, Earth. Once his ship was down he told the ring to choose well and its ball of green light shot out to find a likely candidate. The light descends on Hal as he is leaving a birthday party for his nephew Jason Jordan (Dylan James) and envelops him and then whisks him off a hundred miles away to where Abin Sur lays dieing. With his dieing breath he gives the ring to Hal telling him that it is a great honor and to say the oath. Nothing more then that is able to be told as he dies right there.

The film goes on to show how Hal unwittingly unlocks the power of the ring and when he does it transports him to Oa, the world made for the Guardians and the Lantern Corps. There Hal is inducted and conditioned so that he is able to fully access the powers of the ring as well as start his training with it. Only one problem, Hal is afraid of what is happening and the responsibility that the ring gives. To make matters worse Sinestro (Mark Strong) puts him down and thrashes him about to just prove to those around how wrong he is for the job. Sinestro feels that the memory of Abin Sur is tarnished by him even wearing the ring. Full of fear and Sinestro words ringing in his ears he quits and leaves. He knows he is not right for what is being given to him.

It is not till his friend who is also his wing man, Carol Ferris (Blake Lively) who he has strong feelings for, is put in danger that he actually uses the ring for its intended purpose. He uses his new Green Lantern powers to save not only her but the rest of the people at the party he was at. It is at the same party that he runs into an acquaintance Hector Hammond (Peter Sarsgaard) a xenobiologist that had recently examined the body of Abin Sur. It was during that examination that Hector became infected with the hate and malice of Parallax. It is that infection and his own personal demons and hates that will pit him and Hal against each other later on in the film.

The director Martin Campbell and the whole CGI team did a fantastic job with the visuals with this film as well as the props department. With the technology that they had available they were able to make the comic book cells just jump off the page and on to the big screen. Let us hope that this is a turn around for DC and that they will be able to have more great films instead of just lame Superman stories or weird Batman yarns of the Tim Burton years.

I give this film a Musing review of ★★★★☆☆ 

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