Granny Cantrell’s

Rhonda June 17, 2019

“Your very own whistle-stop cafe’… Granny Cantrell’s!” That’s how the jingle goes when you hear it on many of the Panama City radio stations, and they nailed it when they sang that ditty. Cleave and I hit this little local game on 23rd St. for breakfast one day, and the place blows Waffle House away! My only regret was that we could not have been there for lunch instead. It was a Wednesday, and that day’s special was corned beef and cabbage.

Cleave had been in a mood for something maple-y that day, and since we both had doctor’s appointments in town then, it was from Baldwin Ave. to Granny Cantrell’s, then to Pier Park, then back to Gulf Coast Medical. Granny’s was a great stop along the way, and the breakfast was typical of most Southern Americana cooking. Grits, hotcakes, eggs, and such, so nothing really special there, but the atmosphere is fun and historic, especially for local train enthusiasts like Cleave. It features model trains, big and small, plus old depot memorabilia. Not just for local lines, but for famous lines like the Chesapeake and Ohio, to name one.

Another trip back to Granny Cantrell’s is due, even if just to try a Southern fave, fried pickles, which I can say, I have never tried, but I am willing to. Hopefully I’ll get down there soon so I can find out what I have been missing all this time. Come on down to the Coronado Village on 23rd St. and check it out!