Godzilla 2000 – Get Ready To Crumble

Cleave August 9, 2011

The films original title in Japan was Gojira ni-sen mireniamu and it was one hell of a ride threw the churning waters of the Pacific and the cities of Japan, especially Tokyo and Shinjuku. This is a film that will make you think especially with the events in 2011 with the nuclear plants that were hit by the tsunami and earthquakes. The films were originally started over the concerns of nuclear contamination and that theme has always been in the Godzilla’s film, it is what created the big monster to begin with. This film is no exception as Godzilla keeps going after the nuclear power plants and relay stations. When ever there is some kind of surge in radiation you are sure that the big G is going to come and show up. Godzilla is also the only thing that saves Japan time and time again from all threats that he himself does not create.

There are two different groups that have been studying Godzilla in this film and they both started from the same small group of men years ago while they were at a university. One is the Godzilla Prediction Network run by Prof. Yuji Shinoda and his young daughter Io Shinoda. They study Godzilla for the advancement of mankind, science and medicine. They feel that Godzilla needs to be contained and studied. The other group, CCI has a totally different agenda. The Crisis Control Intelligence Agency is run by Dept Secretary of the Interior Mitsuo Katagiri and his assistant Prof. Shiro Miyasaka. They are seeking ways to be able to totally destroy Godzilla and don’t seem to really care about the advancements of study that could be made. They have the full weight of the military and the government behind them, giving them a lot of clout and control over any kind of crisis especially anything to do with Godzilla.

Yuki Ichinose is a reporter for a news agency in Tokyo and is trying to get some good pictures of Godzilla for them to be able to use. She partners up and reluctantly joins the GPN to be able to travel with Yuji and Io as they track and study the movements of the monster. It is on their first trip out that she gets way more then she bargained for, a close encounter with the big lizard himself. So close that his breath fogs the windows of the car that they are in. This of course spooks the woman and she starts flashing pictures which startle the wild beast. In a rage he starts to try and smash the car, fist with his massive claws and then with his foot as they try to escape through a tunnel. Godzilla continues to chase then till he sees what he originally came ashore for, the Tokyo power grid and stations. As he goes off toward them the 3 in the car follow along so that Yuki can get some pictures and the father daughter team could get more readings. Too bad for Yuki that the film was contaminated by Godzilla’s radiation or she would have had some killer shots.

This isn’t the only thing going on in the film, it rarely is just random destruction from Godzilla, there is actually a threat to the country and in a way it is all the fault of CCI and Katagiri. The CCI looking for alternate sources of energy have found what they believe is a meteor at the bottom of the ocean that is emitting an energy that is not radioactive. They know that it is the nuclear energy that draws Godzilla and they are looking for other means then fossil fuels to power Japan’s power grid. The only problem is that it is not just a meteor that they have found but actually a dormant spaceship that crash landed on Earth several thousand years ago when the islands were still highly volcanic. Bringing the perceived rock to the surface has woken it up and it is now looking to change the face of the earth forever, if it can find the right cells it needs first. As luck or fate might have it Shinoda and Miyasaka have found that Godzilla has a special substance in his cells that cause near instant regeneration of damaged cells. Yuji names that as Regenerator G1 and plans to make more study of it and that is exactly what the aliens need for themselves.

This film is full of destruction, full of flight and fright from the locals and full of the shots of Godzilla that we all have grown to love. It is also one of the last films to have the rubber suit that have baked many an actor. If you love the big G then you are going to really appreciate this film, it is not as comic as other of the franchise as it is a bit more serious about its subject. It does have its touching moments and we do get to see some new weapons used against the big monster but the romance and comedy that are in the other films are not here. There almost is romance but it is more about discovery, destruction and the love of family and also greed that this film is about.

I give this film a Musing review of ★★★★☆☆