Review: Ghosts Of Ascalon

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5198vto9s2LGhosts Of Ascalon is the link between Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2. The story starts with Dugal, a human thief / deserter / adventurer / romantic that is helping another group of adventurers raid the tomb of an Asuran golumancer under the city of Divinity Reach. This is taking place about 250 years after the searing of Ascalon by the Charr and about 230 years after the waking of the ancient dragons. The Charr are a warrior like race of feline looking bipedal creatures that just want all of their hunting ground back and will stop at nothing to get it.

Anyway, Dugal is a deserty from the last outpost of old Ascalon and one of the only people that have ventured into the ghost filled ruins of Ascalon where King Adelbern, father of the once famed Prince Rurik who lead the refugees of Ascalon into Kryta. Dugals post was at Ebonhawke and he deserted there with others to go in search of treasure in the ruins of Ascalon city.

I know I am jumping all over the place but the book is really Really REALLY good and anyone who plays Guild Wars should read it. Anyone who loves fantasy should read this book. Anyone who love stories that can tear your heart out and then serve it back to you to make you feel all fuzzy and warm will LOVE this book.

The story is fantasy, drama, romance and tragedy all on one with a pleasant ending that is definitely a steeping stone to more adventures for both the reader and Dugal. This story also gives us a glimps into the life of a plant, the plant people Sylvari that are all the offshoots or offsprings of just a single tree that was planted shortly afdter the searing of old Ascalon. We also get to see some of the funny yet deadly antics of the half giant Norns, a race of 9 foot warriors that once lived in the Shiverpeaks Mountains untill the ancient dragons ran them out.

There is just so much to see and tell that it is hard to show or tell it all.

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I hope you will like the book as much as I and my wife have.