Ghostbusters The Video Game for the PS2

Cleave November 7, 2011
Fun Factor:★★★★½ 

The game takes place after the events of the first 2 movies and might be taking place just before the animated series as far as time line goes. The Ghostbusters are the heroes of New York City and right now can do no wrong. With all that has happened they are still cleaning up after the mess that the bureaucrats caused in the last film with Vigo and the river of slime. Since business is brisk they are going to train you as their new member of the Ghostbusters team. Right off the bat it is on the job training for you but with it being a Ghostbusters game what else would you expect to happen.

You start the game by first choosing if you want to be a blonde smiling male with perfect hair or a sassy sexy female with a ponytail and hips. They both have the same set of skills but who you choose might depend on whose butt you would like to look at since you are almost always seeing them from behind. You are also their new experiment as you are going to be testing out all of their new inventions for them. That is the real reason that they have hired you, they don’t want to test the stuff out themselves and they even tell you as much in the game. Right as they are about to explain more a massive jolt hits the building and Slimer escapes his telephone booth cage that is on the main floor of the firehouse that the Ghostbusters work out of. So off to the Sedgewick Hotel you go to go get the green spud back but things are much worse then any of the team have realized. This is just the start of the problems that you are going to have to overcome as the newest member of the Ghostbusting team.

The game is more intuitive in teaching you how to play the game, more so then a lot of other titles that are on the market. You are able to learn at your own pace and even go back and replay episodes that you have already completed. You have an entire story line to explore and you will have the tools to be able to do it. As you progress through the game you get better and better equipment as Ray and Egon come up with even more ways to torture, uhmmm experiment on their new subject. That is you by the way and you have no say in the mater but you will definitely want to have all the gadgets that they can give you as you go up against stronger and stronger spooks. The ghost world is trying to break through and it is up to the Ghostbusters to save the day, again. And save the day tomorrow as well, probably. Nothing like job security to make your day.

Even though PlayStation wants you to move over to the PS3 no all titles have been ported so you will want to hold on to that slim or beast of a machine for a while. Since you already have it or thinking of buying one this game is going to keep you busy for hours. That’s right, HOURS maybe even DAYS! This is not just a couple of levels short game with patch after patch to be downloaded. This game was made to not break as there is no hard drive to store stuff, just your memory card. Before everything was connected to the net or a phone line games were made to work out of the box and this one is no exception so you do not have to worry about stuff not working. Sure you might have a game freeze here and there but that is going to be because of dust or ill cared for equipment and not the programing of the game. So keep your disk dust free and have plenty of ventilation as you sit back or maybe on the edge of your seat as you play this spooktacular game.