Frozen II

Will January 16, 2020

I saw Frozen II over the weekend and it was pretty good. Is it better than the first film, yes and it better than Wreck-It Ralph Breaks the Internet. Hell, this is one of the better Disney sequels I ever seen since Return to Neverland.

The story was good, It was damn good, visuals are great, animation looks pretty amazing, and songs, they were not that great. This film feels like it was taken some bits and peaces from various anime series like some from Yu-Gi-oh! and Avatar: Last Air Bender. Elsa is the air bender and she goes in the memories of Arendelle just like Yami goes back the memories from his past from the season 5.

In this film, we learn about about Elsa’s story. The last film was mostly Anna’s story, but it is Elsa’s turn now. In the beginning of the movie, Elsa’s father told a bedtime story about the Enchanted Forest. He said it was peaceful place to go, but one day war broke out and the forest was sealed away. Than three years after the first film, Elsa started to heard voices. She was following the voices and suddenly she unleashed the power of the Enchanted Forest. Arendelle was in trouble, so Elsa and Anna will find the forest and bring peace to Arendelle.

I don’t talk about the whole movie because I don’t wanted to spoil it for people who didn’t see it yet. Anyway, Elsa got her power from her mother. One day, she saved their father from the war in forest that day when there were kids, not unlike the Volsung Saga of Sigurd and Brynhild. Later on in the movie, Elsa goes into the memories of the forest and Arendelle past, and she saw her grandfather. Her grandfather was like Gozaburo Kaiba. He want to destroy the forest because he hates magic, Just like Seto and Mokuba Kaiba’s stepfather, he was a warmonger, too. At end of the movie, Anna became queen of Arendelle, and Elsa became queen of the Enchanted Forest. Elsa at the end of the movie look Kisara, known as Blue-Eyes White Dragon’s human form.

Visuals in the film look better than the first movie did. It looks more clear, and more colorful. When this movie comes out Blu-Ray 4K, it is going to look really amazing. Animation looks great too. It look more detailed than than the last movie did, and looks more real than before. More like next-gen of gaming. The songs in this movie are not that great. Into the Unknown was boring, but ending credits version is better, and some songs wasn’t that good at all. The one that I did like When I Am Older. It was funny. This movie has tons of humor. This movie is great a family film, and the your kids will love it! If you are looking movie to watch in theaters this year, this is one you should see.

I give this film a Musing review of ★★★★★★