Emma and the Inventor

Rhonda August 9, 2011
Fun Factor:★★★☆☆ 

I do like it when these dark hidden object mysteries become a little brighter. This time we are playing from the POV of a young girl on a visit to her grandfather’s home. Grandfather is a tinkerer, and is always looking to score the next big gadget. In Emma and the Inventor, Emma is invited over to Grandpa’s to see the newest gadget, but as she approaches the gate to the Cape May Gingerbread-style house, there is an explosion, and the glass dome on the roof breaks. Some debris falls down, and Emma is surprised and distraught. We go through a few HOM’s to find a way into the house and workshop. It seems like we are always looking for ways to unlock things in these games, combinations, old-fashioned keys, etc. Once we get to the kitchen and put the 1950s-style radio back together, we find Grandpa, but he is stuck in an unknown place, and the radio is Emma’s only link to find him. We search the library for clues, and finally get to the basement workshop, and find a tunnel leading away from the house. That’s when things get really interesting.

This hidden object mystery/logic puzzle game is really not all that different from the many others out there in the manner of the gameplay. It’s the storylines that keep many of the HOM gamers hooked, and this is another we can add to the addiction. It is great to have a game with a fresh perspective in the genre, as there might be things to give us the creeps here and there, mostly vermin animals, but there is no blood, and lots of cool machines Emma uses to find her grandfather. Emma and the Inventor lighter kind of HOM, and a nice break from all those creepy ones that have glutted the market lately, but still prefer Shaolin Mystery: Tale of the Jade Dragon Staff over most of them.