Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Bull Crap

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Dont ask dont tellI just don’t understand the Republican party and all these religious right wingers, or is it the left wing nuts. I just can’t keep them straight, or is that twisted, any more. We go on and on about how we need to have young people join the military and serve our country but they just don’t believe it or they would allow our young gay men and women serve as well. Have you actually ever seen how a gay man or woman treats others? Have you wondered why they seem to have such a better capacity to love then straight people? They can because they are true to themselves. They don’t deny who or what they are. They are happy being what it is that they are. They are human, they feel, they bleed and can be hurt just like everyone else. The don’t ask don’t tell policy is nothing more then a farce and a political ploy and control mechanism.

Some people might think that the gay population is nothing more then deviants that don’t know what they are doing and that they just want to disrupt our everyday lives. I would rather have caring homosexuals looking after my welfare then a bunch of stuck up hypocrites that don’t even know what it means to do what they say they are going to do. Come on, if someone says they are going to do something and then actually do it they must be EVIL, yeah, right. But if you have a person that will lie through their teeth but make you feel good about it while they do it then they must be god incarnate. America needs to get up off their damned ass and quit spoon feeding the fat political parties. They need to demand sensible and responsible action. If a gay man or woman is willing to lay down their lives to make sure that we stay free and secure why should we care who they are sleeping with?!?!?! Some service men have been known to sleep with multiple women, or men if they are a woman, but the majority of gay individuals are monogamous. They stick with one partner better then most married people and the gays are just now starting to be able to get married.

I know, I know, marriage is supposed to be for the procreation of children only, at least that is what the religious right would have you to believe. If that is the truth then if a person can not even have children wouldn’t that make the marriage a farce? Its so hard to keep up with all the lies they are trying to cram down our throats these days and it is the same with the don’t ask don’t tell policy. If a straight person is allowed to openly love someone of the opposite sex they the gay individual should be allowed to openly love a member of their own sex. Not every relationship is for the purpose of children, even in opposite sex couplings. People like to have sex no matter what gender they like to have it with. Sex is the ultimate stress reliever. I believe that the problem with gays in the military is not caused by the gays but by the hypocritical sexist bigotry of a small number of individuals. Heck, the military is just now starting to see women in the military as something other then a secretary or nurse. Women have been trying to fight that image for 50 plus years and they are just now starting to see something of it.

Do you think that a gay person is going to be hitting on all of the members of the same sex just because they are their? I don’t think so, do all the women or all the men hit on the other members of the military just because they are there? If that were true then there would be a lot more problems the news would be reporting about. A gay person’s blood is just as red as a straight person’s blood and both flow just as easily when they are defending our country. To think otherwise just proves that you are stupid and don’t know what the hell you are talking about. If you had a gun pointed at you would you really care if it was a straight person or a gay person that was jumping in the way to save you? Would you even care what they were wearing or who they just got done kissing or sleeping with?

If all you worry about is what bed a person is sleeping in instead of who the individual is and their capabilities are they you don’t even deserve to be an american. You should worry about if they are going to defend us, now who they are licking or sticking. If they are defending us that is all that should matter. If you don’t see it that way GET THE HELL OUT OF MY COUNTRY.

And by the way, if you care about the country and not just the image of it then you too can call it your country in the possessive. If all you care about is religious image, then you can go play with your jacks someplace else.