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DOA2 is known as Dead or Alive 2. This game was only for Play Station 2 and Dreamcast. I like the Play Station 2 better than the Dreamcast. I played the Dreamcast version at my friend’s house and I did not like the controls at all. I like the Play Station 2 version better because the graphics are better and the controls are easier for me. I love playing this game over and over again because I like to play those 5 cute, sexy girls in this game. The 5 cute, sexy girls are Kasumi, Ayane, Tina, Leifang, and Helena.

Kasumi and Ayane are ninjas and they live in Japan. Tina is a American pro-wrestler. Leifang is just a college student, but she learned kung-fu. Helena use to be a singer, but she getting her revenge from her mother’s death. I like to play Kasumi because is one my favorite character and she is a sexy ninja girl. I love ninja girls because the way they lift their legs up. This game has some activities to do. You have the story, time attack, survival, tag team, team, vs., and sparring. The story is about play a character in the story mode. Time Attack is about beating the time. Survival is about how many fighters you can beat. Tag Team is about your 2 characters vs. the other 2 characters you have to fight. Team is about how many fighter you want in a team vs. the other team you going to fight. Vs. is about fight against your friends. Sparring about how to play the game. So this game similar to Soul Calibur but no weapons.

This game will have a lot of panty shots. The graphics in this game looks early PlayStation 2 graphics, but this game is one of the first games to come out on the PlayStation 2 back in 2000. I love the gameplay of this game and it is far better than the Dreamcast version. There are other DOA games out there but most of DOA games are on the XBOX. If you played DOA games before, and you want to play the early DOA game, play DOA2 on the PlayStation 2, or if you prefer, call it Dead or Alive 2.