Death Race 2

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Death Race 2 DVD CoverThis isn’t your Death Race 2000 nor is it Jason Statham as Jensen Ames, this is the birth of Frankenstein. As you can tell this is a prequel to the hit film Death Race, a story about the prison system going corporate and doing anything and killing everyone for a buck. If you want a comedy go watch Caradine in Death Race 2000 where they are selling everything off to pay off the nation debt.

In DR2 you have a 20 year veteran of driving for various bank jobs and heists. In this one it goes as wrong as it can get. He gets identified, he sees his bosses nephews men killed and he kills a cop by reflex, something that he did not want to do. He never once tried to get out of the crime he just rolls with it and winds up at Terminal to do his time. Little does he know that his boss wants him dead and some crazy cut throat media executive woman wants him as the star attraction.

I just love how the slimy woman of a media executive (trying to be polite and not cuss, hehe) gets it in the end in splatergoreia. You also see just how and why Carl wears the mask of Frankenstein and the relationship that is developed with his sweet sexy and sassy navigator Katrina. You just have to see the film to see just how… WOW …this film really is!

This film has thrills, car chases, explosions, fires, fights and all sorts of mayhem. This film has it all and gives it to you till the very end. Watching this will get your heart pumping and your adrenalin running in this edge of your seat high action film. If you love a roller-coaster of action then you are going to love this film.