Review: CSE HTML Validator

Cleave September 16, 2010

CSE HTML Validator CSE HTML Validator is the only validator that I personally use. I have been using it since 1997 when it was first released. Back then it was one of the very few complient validators for HTML standards and it would catch just about any error that you might put in your code. It even integrates with HomeSite (if you all still use that one), Dreamweaver, TopStyle and can even be used as a CSS/HTML editor all on its own. I find it even better then any validations done by the standards authority for CSS and HTML.

If you really need to have your HTML document validated for errors and compliance I could not recommend anything but CSE HTML Validator. It is by far the best one on the market and you are sure to get a great amount of use out of it. This product has saved my butt on a few times, I code by hand mostly with some wizard help. It has helped me find missing closing tags where you have hundreds of lines of code that you have to scan through to find the errors. It will even show you the errors that the WYSIWYG editors. Even though those kinds of editors are nice I still find it better to actually look at the code of a page and this product helps you make sure that it is right and ready to be put up on the net or compiled into a help file.

It validates, it edits it does so much and if you don’t have it you are going to run into all sorts of problems when you try to figure out why something is not working on your page or site. This makes it a snap to be able to validate all of your pages and find out just where it is that you have to look to fix a problem. It even gives you the line number and tag to look at when something is wrong and lets you decide what and if you need to actually fix it. I say it that way because all of the codes that we now use on the net are not always code compliant by their very nature and have not been accepted as a standard.

This product doesn’t fix your mistakes but it will show you when you need to look to be able to fix them. If you use this product you are definitely going to have quicker loading pages and more complaint code on your site. Heck I used it to find out what was wrong with the template that was being used on this site so that I could get it to show things the way that they were supposed to be shown and to make sure that it would look good across multiple browser formats. Hats off to Albert for sticking with the project he started and not just selling it off to some other company that would just ruin it.

Than you Albert for such a good product.