Cloverfield (2008) Shake Cam to the MAX

Cleave July 12, 2013

Cloverfield-2008-Movie-PosterBad Robot is right. That robot was very bad in the way that it portrayed this film. Cloverfield is about some Cthulhu-type monster that attacks New York, but shown from a person’s hand held point of view. The film even makes it seem that we are reviewing some government collected footage. That in itself gives the film a rather dry start, but to have everything done with a shaky cam is offensive to the senses. That one fact about the film does away with all its other redeeming qualities. If you can’t enjoy the presentation you are never going to be able to fully enjoy the content.

The films story was actually quite good, and the acting done well, but the use of the hand held camera to “document” the film ruins it all. The film would have been stronger if they would have employed the third person or forth person steady cam of other conventional films. J.J. Abrams produced the film and saw that it did a great job with the special effects, but the choice of camera use just ruins it all. I found myself having to pause the film on several occasions to either let my stomach settle from all the crazy motion, or to let my eyes relax so they could see straight. If you wear glasses, you are not going to be able to really enjoy this film.

Shame on the makers of Doom The Movie for putting in the First Person perspective. That and the Blair Witch Project started all this hand held first person perspective crap. Blair did it for budget constraints and Doom because it was indicative of the game, but when you have big budget films using the same tactict, it just doesn’t make any sense at all and ruins an otherwise good story.

As I said, the story follows a group of people that have gathered to wish their friend good luck on his new job in Japan. At this point I am not even going to list any of the actors names or the characters portrayed as I think it would be damaging to them to have even been in the film. That is how bad I feel this film is. It is not as bad as Piranha 3D but at least I could watch that one without all of the eye strain. I hope that if the rumors are true of a sequel that it will be done with the damned steady cam and normal production methods instead of spending millions to make a film look like it was some cheap amateur home video.

If you can find redeeming qualities in the film that overcome the use of the horrendous cam use them let us know right here but ….

I give this film a Musing review of ★★☆☆☆☆