The Cave (2005)

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Before the Decent there was The Cave, a cave that will willingly rip your heart out and then change you in ways that you never thought possible. All those that have entered the cave seldom ever return, that is till now! The Cave is a horror film the way it should be, it is suspenseful with the right amount of pop and not a lot of blood. You don’t need blood to be scared and this film proves that. Anyone who thinks this film is not a trilling and suspenseful horror film must be in a coma.

In the past the cave was guarded by monks and before that demons were fought to keep the creatures at bay. Now the monks are gone and there is no one to stop stupid cave divers from going places that they should not. The cave is infested and will change anything and everything that comes in to disturb what is there. There is an ancient evil living there and should not be let out. In the beginning of the film we find some ex military men wanting a thrill to go cave diving where no one has went before. They want a thrill and what they get instead is death and disfigurement.

In the present a researcher named Dr. Nicolai and played by Marcel Iures is tracing tales of monsters associated with Templar Knights and it has led him to the site of an abandoned church that is under a rock slide. It is the same church that was shown at the beginning of the film and the good doctor whats to find out all that he can. After uncovering the ruins he discovers a cave that the monks had sealed with warnings that monsters dwell in the cave. On closer inspection he finds that most of the cave is flooded and he will need help to do the rest of his research, the help he needs is professional cave divers. In the past he had worked with cave divers named Jack McAllister (Cole Hauser) and Tyler McAllister (Eddie Cibrian) and knows them and their team to be the best in the field.

The 2 brothers and their team are eager to be the first to get to explore an unknown cave in the Romania Carpathians mountains. A few days later they are at the research site eager to help their friend continue his research by mapping the caves and getting Dr. Nicolai and Dr. Kathryn Jennings (Lena Headey) to the artifacts that they are looking for. It is during the first 2 and a half mile underwater dive that things start to go wrong. It is one thing after another that is driving them deeper and deeper into the tunnels and caverns of the cave. They desperately want to get out but are being hunted as they go, never letting them rest or get their bearings.

This is a film that is going to keep you wondering what is going to happen next, a film that will give you nightmares about what might be in the water of the next cave that you see. This is a film that will have your blood racing right until the very end. This is how horror is supposed to be and one of the best till the film industry thought that blood was the only way to frighten you. The very name of the film can strike terror into so and the close passages and splashing water and not knowing what is after you is going to scar anyone that watches this film.

I give this film a Musing review of ★★★★★☆