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About five years ago, the BBC came up with a wonderful storyline for a great sci-fi show, and there are new episodes premier this week on BBC American in fact. There are time anomalies popping up randomly over the British Isles, bringing in creatures from various parts of the prehistory. Permian period reptiles, giant insects from the Upper Carboniferous Period, even Cenozoic Saber-tooth cats show up. A team of experts and government officials are keeping the creatures from getting loose on the public. As with most things brought into an alien environments, when they come through the anomalous rifts, they get confused, and some get hostile. That’s when, ARC, Anomaly Research Centre, sends their best into the field to deal with the creatures.

I’ve only seen a couple of these shows, and I really like it. The effects are on par with many of the documentary shows done on dinosaurs at the science and history networks. BBC has most definitely given Primeval a good budget to work with. This was the first time I had gotten to see one of the shows all the way through, and I was lucky enough to see the very first episode from 2007.

SyFy Original : Mega Python vs. Gatoroid (2011)

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What do you get when you take 2 1980’s pop artists and give them a movie to make? You get the ever chunky and screwed up film called Mega Python vs. Gatoroid. Why in the world would you have a red carpet event for this film. There are worse films out there that would deserve the honor more then this one. The film started like a normal film and then steadily when down hill for there. You have a crazy environmentalist Nikki played by Deborah Gibson and a park ranger played by Tiffany, that is rather unbalanced with a gun. The dumb blond, I hate to say it that way, of an environmentalist steals snakes and dumps them in the everglades thing that they will be better off there. I don’t think these were your normal snakes as they are able to take down full sized gators, and that is before the crazy redhead gives the whole ecosystem a shot of adrenalin.

Being Human A Syfy Original Premier Part 2 of 2

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We have now seen the rest of the premier for Being Human, a Syfy Original show about a ghost, a werewolf and a vampire all living under one roof trying to be human. While the show does have great promis the second part was rushed and disjointed at times. Syfy even saw fit to run even more commercials then usual. If they are going to be doing that to this show on a continuing basis then they might as well just do a wrap party and sell the show to someone else. Part one was deep, had though and showed the struggles of the individuals that were involved. Part 2 did not live up to that.

Being Human A Syfy Original Premier Part 1 of 2

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Syfy has given us another show that just might be good to watch every Monday night. The Show is called Being Human and is based off the hit series from BBC of the same name that has just started its third season just as Syfy starts with its own rendition of the show. Being Human features the talents of Sam Witwer, Meaghan Rath and Sam Huntington. It is a show about 3 people that desperately want to live a normal life but there is no way that they can.

Aidan has issues, he is a vampire that is trying to kick the habit but temptation keeps pulling him back. From the first episode we see that his mistakes, as he calls them, are pulling him back into the old vampire coven that he was a member of. He wants out and is haunted by his past, a past that has involved countless lives in bloodshed. Hundreds of years of killing has taken its toll on him to where 2 faces are stuck in his head, the face of a child of about 12 and a woman that he recently, well, drank.

Meteor Storm A SyFy Original Production Comes Back To Haunt Us

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Meteor Storm features the talents of Michael Trucco, Kari Matchett and Kirsten Prout and directed by Tibor Takacs. This SyFy Original Movie recently aired on the SyFy Channel as part of its Saturday night line up. A comet that broke up is now on a collision course with earth and targeting San Francisco specifically.

While the film was entertaining and the acting on par there were many places where the film did not hold up. One point is that the bay area is attracting the meteors from even thousands of miles away. If there was an attraction of that magnitude then the entire world would have been affected by the electronic disruptions from the minerals that were already on the planet. The next part was with the special effects, while the CG effects with the meteors was spectacular the cut in scenes that used blue or green screens were like watching the morning weather reports of 20 years ago, It was that ragged and could definitely tell that it was cut in. The next fail was with the bridge falling apart, while the meteor hit was fabulous the break up of the bridge was simple pathetic. I have seen old footage of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge falling apart and they look nothing like what was seen in the film.