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November 22, 2019 Will
The Warriors

The Warriors for PS2 is one good fighting game that was a really good game and one of my favorites for the PS2. This game is base on the 1979 movie The Warriors, but I’m heading based off the book instead the movie. I never saw the movie or read the book. I’m only play the game. The graphics in this game look pretty good for a PS2 game from Rockstar. It looks way better GTA games for the PS2. The character models looks way better than GTA game from PS2 and the game looks more cleaner. It doesn’t looks blurry and doesn’t looks like GTA III graphics. The gameplay in this game is quit impressive. It does remind me……

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November 13, 2018 Will
Soul Calibur VI

Soul Calibur VI is fun game to play on PS4 and one of the best fighter games that I have played for the PS4 as well. There are some good games out there for the PS4, but this one is ones of the better one. This game did alot improvements. Is it better than the first 3 games? Not really. But it is better than 4&5? A thousands times better than those two games on the PS3. This game is reboot from the first SC game. You the main story, missions, creation, battle and multi player. I want to play the multi player, but I have to have a PSN Plus account. I don’t know why Sony wants us to……

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July 31, 2018 Will
Mortal Kombat 1992

Mortal Kombat 1992 is one of the first fighting games that I played. I played this game as a kid often on the SNES. The SNES version is different the PC version. Lately, I’ve been playing the PC version on The graphics didn’t age all that well, but it is fun game to play. The PC version does look a little better the SNES version. This game started the ratings for games and started the controversy. This game was the first game that had blood & gore in a video game. The SNES version was more family friendly, but the PC version isn’t. The game does look a little more like Street Fighter II, but there are some differences.……

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July 26, 2018 Rhonda
Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat 2011 is the reboot version of MK series. This one, I actually like, and my favorite MK game of the series. I like the gameplay, story, graphics, and the guest characters. The story takes place in the end of Armageddon. Raiden was getting ready beat the crap out of Shao Kahn. Raiden’s medallion was destroyed and shows what from Armageddon to the beginning of Mortal Kombat. The story is like the MK movies, but this game is better than the movies. The game use the first 3 games of the series. The graphics looks amazing and more detailed. This game is more bloody than the other games were. The texture is better MK vs. DC and the lighting……

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June 12, 2018 Will
Killer Instinct Gold

Killer Instinct Gold is the sequel for the first KI game. This game is for the N64 and it is better than the first game. This game is in 3-D, but the characters are not. They are still 2-D figures. This game is more fun than the first game was. This game has more combos and more characters to choose. My favorite character is Kim Wu. Kim Wu is good character to play with. Her skills are really good, good combos, and she does alot of damages. Other characters are really good, but she is the best one to choose.  Read more... (366 words, 1 image, estimated 1:28 mins reading time) This is a preview of Killer Instinct Gold. Read……

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