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Joseph Martin Kronheim - The Sunday at Home 1880 - Revelation 22-17
July 29, 2017 Cleave
The Bride Of Christ

There have been many writings about this subject but never, that I can think of, written about like it will be here. Here we will explore just what is the bride of Christ and what it means to those, or rather the haters that call themselves Christian. We will also look at just what the word Christian means, not what people just say it is. What is the Bride Of Christ? In the new testament Christ is referred to many times as the groom or bridegroom with the Church being referred to as his bride. Also in the old testament there are many references to God’s people being the bride of the divine. I wonder if all the religious haters……

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Jonathan Kirk Davis - Quora
July 21, 2012 Cleave
Why do Christians believe that their God is somehow superior to the pagan God(s) ?

This article was originally posted on Quora by Jonathan Kirk Davis an member of the U.S. Marine Corps This really should be asked as “How is monotheism different than polytheism?” To Christians (as well as Islam, Hebrew tradition, Zoroastrianism, Tenrikyo, Shaivism and Sikhism) there is a belief that all the processes of the universe were caused or set in motion at least, by one all powerful being. The different beliefs differ on the motivations of this being and the ways in which this was done and what we are supposed to gain from it. What they all agree on is that, above everything else there is one supreme being that is responsible for everything else. In polytheistic faiths there usually……

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July 19, 2012 Cleave
It was God’s Plan, Right…

I don’t normally comment on what is in the news but this I could not just let slip by. In an interview with reporters George Zimmerman said that it was God’s plan for what had happened that night. More stuff has happened in this world in the name of GOD when it comes to hate and crime. You don’t hear that when people are saved, you don’t hear that when people win the lotto, you don’t hear that when a person swerves and misses a dear so why in all the names of the gods and goddesses do we hear it said for crap like this. If you are following a person at night or out of watch and someone……

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February 22, 2012 Cleave
News And The Economy And Politics

We are seeing more and more on the news lately that everything is getting better. We see the DOW almost hit 13,000 and they say that things are getting better. While it might be getting better for the rich it shore as hell is not getting better for the over 50% of Americans that are in poverty We hear how jobless claims are falling but how much of that is in the fact that people are just plain giving up when there are no jobs to be had. Sure things are getting better if you live in the bubble that the greedy inconsiderate rich live in. For them everything is hunky dory and they could give a damn what you……

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March 16, 2011 Rhonda
Geology vs. God….wait… What?

It’s all over the news, and has been for some time now. The earth’s subduction zones are being a bit more vocal than usual. Maybe Gaia is just stretching a bit. With a 24,901.55 miles waistline, that can be a pretty rough bit of movement, but if we look at maps of the earth from the past, and present, we can sort of predict a future of geological cycles. Geologist Christopher R. Scotese came up with the Paleomap project years ago as an educational aid for science classes. These maps not only give us a look at the earth through early prehistory, from the Late Precambrian period to the Ice Age, but we see our current earth, as well as……

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