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September 29, 2014 Cleave
Godzilla (2014) The world ends, Godzilla begins

This new and reimagined creature of Godzilla is a mastery of story telling and CGI combined. Gone is the rubber suit that made Toho famous. Now we have a monster that is more bear than cat. Even though more of the fights are CGI, the film still stays true to the feel of the battles that Toho made famous with the King of Monsters. Some might not like the new ‘Zilla but other than it being more bear like instead of cat like, I like the new beast and this reviewer feels that so will others, given a chance. The film opens up with a backdrop of nuclear testing in the ’50s. Even the credits that roll are interesting if……

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September 15, 2014 Rhonda
Logan’s Run: The only thing you can’t have in Logan’s world is your 30th birthday. Unless you run away. (1976)

The trend in movies about dystopia seems to come and go, and 70s sci-fi was full of them. From A Clockwork Orange in 1968 and on into the 80s with 1984 in 1984, it was a unique perspective to see into a world that might be far more idyllic, yet full of chaos at the same time. Even now, we are still seeing this with newer films like Divergent and The Hunger Games franchise.  Read more... (870 words, 2 images, estimated 3:29 mins reading time) This is a preview of Logan’s Run: The only thing you can’t have in Logan’s world is your 30th birthday. Unless you run away. (1976). Read the full post (870 words, 2 images, estimated 3:29……

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October 24, 2013 Rhonda
World War Z – Mother Nature is a serial killer

We have seen many zombie apocalypse movies over the last ten years, from the silly Shaun of the Dead to the very serious and graphic Resident Evil series, both live action and animated, but World War Z just blows all of them away. The plots is very different from other zombie movies, and this rollercoaster of a ride will keep you hanging on for dear life until the very end. You will go on a trip around the world that starts in Philadelphia and ends in roundabout in Nova Scotia. What starts out as a peaceful school day in the home of Gerry (Brad Pitt) and Karen (Mireille Enos) Lane with a fun breakfast of pancakes with a side of……

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August 22, 2013 Will
Doom : No one gets out alive.

Doom is a Sci-fi horror film and this one is basically on a video game. This movie is set in the future and set in year 2046. This movie is about eight Marines from Earth who are ordered to go to Mars and there orders are protect people and claim UAC data. The eight marines were Sarge, Reaper, Duke, Destroyer, The Kid, Portman, Goat, and Mac. Sarge always follows orders and he never disobeyed orders before. Later in the movie, he will be come a demon or monster. In this movie, there is no Hellgate. That was in Doom 3. This is when scientist are experimenting on humans. I wish they had put a Hellgate in this movie and it……

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July 12, 2013 Cleave
Cloverfield (2008) Shake Cam to the MAX

Bad Robot is right. That robot was very bad in the way that it portrayed this film. Cloverfield is about some Cthulhu-type monster that attacks New York, but shown from a person’s hand held point of view. The film even makes it seem that we are reviewing some government collected footage. That in itself gives the film a rather dry start, but to have everything done with a shaky cam is offensive to the senses. That one fact about the film does away with all its other redeeming qualities. If you can’t enjoy the presentation you are never going to be able to fully enjoy the content. The films story was actually quite good, and the acting done well, but……

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