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Fun Factor:★★★★☆ 

This cartoony little casual game takes the best from the Baby Boom to now in quick build design as we help out Mark Retro build his construction company over the years. We have all kinds of customers through the decades, greasers, hippies, Stellas and Guidos, punkers, latte-sipping grungers and so on. Each decade starts with a highlight of the times, how much prices are for basic necessities, and the big events of the times. We even have some foreign investors. A successful sumo wrestler, and an Aussie survivalist deciding to settle down after walkabout.

In Build-in-Time, some customers are a bit more impatient than others, but you can sweeten them up by giving them free appliances for their new home. The more extras a home has, the more they are willing to pay, like for a garden, or waterfront property. I only gave this a 4 in fun factor due the fact that it can be a little frustrating to keep all those orders in line. You do get upgrades according to how many stars you collect and your cashflow. You can even hire extra teams and office workers to help you get the jobs done more efficiently. This was lots of fun for me, even if I did lose my way every once in awhile. If you like a building game with some great nostalgia, then go play Build-in-Time.