Beyond Two Souls

Will January 28, 2018
Fun Factor:★★★★☆ 

Beyond Two Souls is one those game where you have to think, not go in guns blazing. This game has a great graphics, good story, and pretty good gameplay. This game is about this girl name Jodie, that has a spiritual friend, Aiden. This spiritual friend helps her, protects her, takes form in a personal body, and also unlocks doors. This game is like watching movie while playing the game. I don’t know why this game has bad scores, it a good game. IMDB gave it 8.8 and for me, I would this one a 8 as well. Hell, even if Angry Joe plays this game, he would do the same thing.

The graphics looks amazing. This game looks almost like watching a CGI movie. I like the animation on the characters and textures looks more real and more clean. You have Hollywood star, Willem Dafoe, who played as green Goblin in Spider-Man and he was a Bond villain from James Bond game Everything or Nothing. The main character of this game is played Jodie by Ellen Page. She played in X-Men as Kitty Pryde. You have Eric Winter who played as the CIA agent in this game. He was in Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay. Kadeem Hardison is also in this game as well. He played as one of scientists.

Critics said there is no gameplay in this game. Well bull crap! There is damn good gameplay in this game. If there is no gameplay, it is not a game. The gameplay is a another thing I like about this game. It is like Uncharted, but your thinking instead using weapons. You got use your head and make choices. You will not pick up weapon and kill something. It is not like that. The combat system is little different than others game I played, but you will get used to it.

If you remember Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones. How you start a counter attack behind the guards and how it is in slow motion? It is like that, but you’re pushing a button. You are using a right along stick, using it to point directions. If you make a mistake, you get hurt, but you don’t die. The game has really good sound. If your friend or neighbor comes and knocks on your door, they will think you are watching a movie. Is this worth playing, hell yes! I just finished this game. I will play it a second time and play the chapters in order. In this game, you be playing bits and pieces from the game for the first time. This game is only for PS3. You can’t find this one on XBOX. If you are looking for good game play this one and screw what IGN says!