Be Richer – Create A Real Estate Empire

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Fun Factor:★★★★☆ 

This is a real estate and time management game that really is fun to play. You are a real estate and building project planner that has to take and make sure that the properties are bought and sold as well as maintained. You don’t want them to fall apart while you are trying to make money. You even get to own and operate stores like that of the Pizzeria, Grocery Store and even Hotels to bring in tourists into the area. You can even buy up the houses of famous people to earn extra money. Even though you are building and buying all these places that is not everything, your cities still need beauty so make sure that you add in decorations here and there as it will raise your property values as well as the decoration value of the map that you are on.

This game will keep you busy as you try to reach the goals that are set for you each month. Not only do you buy houses and build them you can sell them as well. Depending on the houses location, the amenities that it is close to and the parks, trees and decorations that they are close to, all of that will influence the price that you can get for it. If a house just isn’t getting you the rent that you want sell it and make a profit and then maybe buy it back later at a lower price. Another way to increase its value and rent is to do upgrades which add stars to the building. Each star that is added will make the building bigger and more desirable which in turn makes you more money, You can even build sky high apartment buildings and even villas for the more wealthier tenants.

There is so much that you can do in this game as the mayors of each town task you to improve their town. You can even build a town almost from scratch in some levels and when the job is done you can keep playing right there if you want. You are not forced to go to the next level until you are ready to do so. Sometimes that might help you so that you can learn the game better and see how things work. Sometimes you might finish a level and feel that you are just not done with that area yet. Maybe you didn’t get to see the fountain built or you didn’t get to make the road the way that you wanted. Doesn’t matter as you can stay there as long as you want till you get it the way you want. You can even go back and play the level all over from scratch if you want to get a better score. Just remember to make sure that you hire the best managers available so that you can get the job done the best way possible.

Some levels or towns are truly special in that the mayor will want a special building built like a zoo or shopping center. These levels can be really challenging as you just don’t have enough work crews to start with and sometimes not even any income to start with. When that happens you need to make sure that you get a house or two down and upgrade your office so that you can have more work crews. The work crews are the ones that do all of the construction and repairs for you. Every time that you place a house or click on a building that needs renovated or repaired a truck is sent from your office building to go get the job done. If you don’t have enough crews then all upgrades and building projects have to take place as in the order that they were selected instead of all at once. So make sure you keep crews on hand to take care of thing. If you do you are going to enjoy this game like no other.