Attack on Titan (2013-TV) Season 1

Rhonda March 16, 2016

244585-attack-on-titan-attack-on-titan-cover-artThe great thing about anime is that it is a limitless genre, and just about anything can happen in it. Anywhere, any time, past, future, parallel worlds, contemporary pop culture, you name it. Oddly, considering the title of this series, you would expect a tale about the Greek gods and their enemies and ancestors, but this has nothing to do with ancient history. Attack on Titan is set in a dystopian future about 2000 years from now. The technology has devolved back to steampunk tech, and things look pretty much like they did in the mid 19th century. Right there the similarities stop. This world is nothing like ours is, because there is a new, bold enemy against humanity, and they make any of history’s megalomaniacs look like bully kids on the playground.

The story opens for us in a huge walled fortress with three areas, and outlying support towns. There are three walls, Wall Maria, which protects the outer agricultural areas, Wall Rose, which protects a huge commercial district, and Wall Sina, that protects the government offices and noble housing. Different branches of the military protect these areas, but not many of the residents and workers know exactly what from until one day, a creature 60 meters tall looms over the Wall Maria and takes it down. This exposes the farmers to the biggest, most unusual threat that mankind has ever faced. These giant humanoid creatures are labeled as Titans, but only one has the truly titanic proportions. Some are as short as three meters tall, and some as tall as fifteen meters. Even though they come in different sizes, they have some things in common. They have a Barbie-doll anatomy, with no sexual or digestive tracts apparent. Thay all look to be male, and they crave only human flesh and blood. They never hunt any other kind of prey.

This story is told from the POV of three young people from the Maria district that become part of the Scout regiment of the military. Eren Jaeger, Armin Arlert, and Mikasa Ackermann, whom are the best of friends, but still have many differences. Eren and Mikasa have a shared, violent past, and Armin is a brilliant visionary whose idea might bring on the titans’ downfall.

This is a wild ride of a story that keeps going on and on, and in like most anime series, we never know where it will lead or end, but this one has surprises everywhere, like the fact that some of the scouts can turn into titans. Some can use this ability to fight the other titans, and some can use it to destroy the society the Scouts are meant to protect. Eren and some other scouts have this strange ability, but they never know when it will take them over. In Eren’s case, he has to have pain or trauma inflicted upon him to be come a Rogue Titan. This is a 150-foot titan that is pure rage, and wants to do nothing more that take down other titans in the most brutal ways. There is the Colossal Titan, who is design to be a pure wrecking ball. There are others which will show up in the next season, but the most brutal badass of the bunch is the female titan, whom actually is another Scout Eren, Mikasa, and Armin trained with at the beginning of their military careers.

This is a tale of twists and turns, that definitely has a beginning and a middle, but it seems the end is far away, and very elusive, as is the mystery of the titans themselves, because they are not what they seem, and every time you learn something new about them, it creates more questions than it answers. If you want to be involved in such an addictive story, check out the Attack in Titan anime. If you can’t wait to learn more, you can read the manga, but you might want to skip the live action movie… that is another post entirely!