Advent Rising

Will April 11, 2019

Advent Rising is a stressful game, and I hate how the game runs. The only two good things about this game are the sound and the storyline. This game has really good story, but the main problem is the whole damn game!

I hate the game controls, the broken AI, and terrible gameplay mechanics. The graphics are OK, but the developers should put a little more detail into it. It a shame that this game has a good story and good sound, but the gameplay is not that great. If they remade the game by using today’s gameplay, it would be a good game.

First of all, the crosshair in front of the character tends to get cover up. When you look down, your main character covers it up. This game does has a lock on system, but it isn’t all that great, either. The animation is not that great, as well. When you are firing your weapons at enemies, your character tends to shoot in the wrong direction. Instead of at the enemies in front of you, and when you are moving forward, your character tends to jump around like crazy in one damn spot. The driving mechanics in this game runs like Halo, but the driving mechanics in this game runs better than the rest of the game.

When in the game, you can’t get of the letter box mode. You have play it like that. I tied to change the resolution in the ini file to 1360×768, but it still locks on at 1024×768. This game was made for console instead of PC. I heard the console version wasn’t all that great as well. The cut scenes in this game really lags. When ever a cut scene it keeps lagging and the cut scenes are horrible bad.

Fun Factor:★☆☆☆☆ 

The game looks better than the cut scenes. The cut scenes look like they came out a PSone game. It is more pixalated and the animation in the cut scenes are pretty bad. The sound is great, and it is like you are hearing a movie. This game isn’t that great and if I were you, don’t play this game. If you want try it out, fine, but, you will most likely get pissed off at and want to punch your computer. This game is on if you want to try it for console, it is only on the original XBOX.