Absolute Zero (TV 2005)

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The tropics become an arctic wasteland in less than a day? That’s the premise of Absolute Zero, an EchoBridge Entertainment “It’s the end of the world as we know it!” film. This time, speculative science and climatology come into play based on a theory that earth had a crustal shift about 12,000 years ago, and it’s going to happen again.

Jeff Fahey stars as David Koch, a climatologist who has warned the government and the scientific community about this happening, but if it does, it won’t be for another few centuries. Well, Dave, looks like your timing is all wrong, because the northern birds that nest in South Florida are bugging out, and there are icebergs floating off the coast of Miami. Just like in days before Vesuvius erupted back in the days of Imperial Rome, everyone goes on about their business in the Sunshine State, and beachgoers are still trying to catch some rays.

Dave and a team are called down to Antarctica to investigate some bizarre weather patterns, as supposedly permanent ice shelves are cracking and blizzards are more brutal than usual. The odd thing is that not only are there weather experts on this team, but there’s an old Scottish archeologist, Hershel, on the team. He is good friends with Dave, but really has no idea why he was sent down there by INTERSCI, the company Dave works for. After doing some searching, the team stumbles upon an ice cave filled with pre-Ice Age paintings indicating a record of a polar shift. Hershel tells them that such paintings has also been seen in Argentina and Chile. Hershel’s greatest discovery is also his undoing, as a freak storm take its toll on the old man, but hey, he dies very happy.

Dave has personal demons from his past come back to haunt him in the form of his ex-girlfriend, Bryn (Erika Elianiak), and her daughter, making this disaster film even more of a disaster for Dave. This movie is a disaster in so many ways, too. Pasted cut-ins of flying tropical plants, seeing the same tourists running through the snow at the same resort over and over. The skeezy corporate slimeball. Dr. Veet (Bill Dow) who runs INTERSCI not for the science, but for the money, and only the money.

The nerdy graduate students who can communicate about anything but their own feelings… getting a little cookie cutter as far as a bad science disaster movie goes. Good for a look once, maybe twice if you are desparate, but better than some stuff out there.

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